Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review/Swatch/Eye Makeup: Physicians Formula Baked Collection wet/dry eyeshadows in Baked Sugar

Here is a quick review of my Physicians Formula Baked Collection wet/dry eye shadow in Baked Sugar. I got it at my local CVS Pharmacy during their makeup clearance sale for 75% off. It wasn't exactly the palette I was lemming on, but it was the only one on sale so I went ahead and purchased it. It was only $2.09 so why the heck not!

Baked Sugar consist of 3 colors, a champagne pink, white and a champagne taupe, all pigmented with shimmery/frosty finish wet or dry. When used dry, the texture is soft and applies smoothly on the eye lids. When used wet, it applies a bit streaky so make sure you pat and swipe with a brush to deposit the color better.

The shadows last a long time wet or dry especially with a good primer underneath. When used wet, the color of the shadows intensifies, giving it a metallic finish except for the darker shade in the palette that is supposed to be the contour shade (champagne taupe). It's too shimmery and wasn't dark enough to be a contour color and doesn't add any definition to the eyes at all. A good eye shadow palette should have at least one matte contour shade and this palette doesn't so booo!

Now as promised in the packaging, this palette is supposed to help you create a beautiful eye makeup using only the 3 colors to highlight, contour and line the eyes. It even has an eye diagram at the back of the packaging showing where to place the colors. It's really a neat idea and definitely helpful but I found a problem with the palette. The colors are very pretty on it's own but when used all together in one eye makeup? Forget about it! Your eyes are going to look like a shiny disco ball. Remember, they have a frosty finish and frosty shadows creates no definition on the eyes at all. It can also look washed out in photographs because the shimmers reflects the flash of the camera. You'll see it in the makeup I did using this palette (phots below)

Don't use the shadows in the palette all together. Mix in a shadow with a matte finish, meaning no shimmer or shine to create balance. Also, you can use the shadows individually to highlight your face to bring in light and give it a dewy look. Apply it on the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and on the tip of the lips.


These were swatched dry. I didn't bother taking a photo of the swatch wet because there wasn't a huge difference.

This is not a bad palett just promise me not to use it all together to create an eye makeup. The shadows are too shimmery and frosty and doesn't compliment any eyes. Like what I said, mix in a matte shadow preferably a matte contour shade to create definition and balance to the look. 

availabity: CVS
price: $7.95


Do you see what I mean? It's nothing but frost and you can't even see the colors...not good!

Do you own any Physicians Formula Baked Collection palettes? If so, which one do you have?


  1. I've seen these on eBay but I spotted the shimmer. Glad I skipped. Even though it looked frosty, it still looked nice on you. :)

  2. The palette looks nice :) thanks for sharing.

  3. Well, it looks good on you, I like the frosty eyeshadows on your lid ;) It's a pity because it seems you are wearing only one eyeshadow, I agree with you, the colors disappear :(
    Anyways your eyes pop ;)

  4. u look gorgeous hun ,, love the colors ,, so soft and great for everyday looks

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  6. Looks lovely and so shiny and illuminating. :) x

  7. this palette looks nice, loving the colors :)

  8. I dont own any Physicians formula as it is not available here. Ive been lemming their foundie and blush for such a long time....

  9. I've also made the mistake of trying one of these and i just got disappointed, all frost and hardly any color...you still rock it though:-)

  10. The palette looks like the colors I like to wear! You can wear anything and make it look amazing!!!

    Where is your outfit post? Couldn't find it! Thanks for the shout out- that means a lot to me!!! :)

  11. OOOHhhhh!!! so pretty! I love the glow on the eyeshadows. really fits the look you put together.. amazing, really! :)

  12. ganda naman!! haha I don't even know if you understand any tagalog... anyhoo!! that is such a pretty look! I didn't know simple light shade eyeshadow would look that gorj!! I have one with the black & silver colors (i forgot the name) I was even thinkin about doin a look with it but I've been really lazy lately... haha

  13. Great review, I didn't even think about how frosty eyeshadow would look on a camera. The colors sure are pretty in a pallette but hard to tell the difference when applied. I tried this brand in the past after they changed packaging and formula but not very impressed. You look great no matter what you use.

  14. I think you look good with the frosty look, I've been trying to pull the frosty look for ages but never been able to properly!

  15. oooh! do you have the other shades too? i always see the oatmeal one and baked sands :)

    i just mentioned you in my blog <3 thank you for sharing on your other palladio post about buying it in bed bath and beyond hehe i seriously didn't know some of them have a cosmetic section.:D

  16. Hey Becky! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. See here: http://divamakeupqueen.blogspot.com/2011/01/versatile-blogger-award.html

  17. ang flawless mo, becky!!!! great to that you're making video tutorials na din. keep them coming.