Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sneak Peek: Crown Brush 15 Pro Makeup brush set

My Crown brush set finally came whoo hooo! This order took awhile. I placed the order a week and a half before Christmas and I just got it yesterday. But I'm not mad since I knew they were backed up on orders especially Kandee talked about them in a video. And yes, the reason why I got them was because of KANDEE's video lol. I love her! She talked about the brush sets and gave us a coupon code to use. For a limited time, they were only $29.99 plus free shipping if you use the code KANDEE at check out. Originally they were $43.99 which was still a great price but 30 bucks plus free shipping was even better! So thank you to Kandee and  Crown Brush for this awesome deal!

I still have to wash, clean and put them to a little test before I do a thorough review, but for now here is a sneak peek!

So far, I'm happy with how the brushes look. I really like the black handles with shiny bronze-black ferrules. It looks very sophisticated and I also like the faux snake print brush bag that looks like a pretty clutch when you close it...sooo cute!

Watch out for my full review!



  1. as soon as you test them out :;D give use a review

  2. Awesome! I'm sure your gonna love them :)When I went to her Miami Glaminar she gave the brush roll out to four people. I wish I would have won one. She said their better than MAC brushes so eventually I will get my hands on them :)

  3. They look real pretty and the bronze textured case is simply elegant!

    I'm happy you were able to save a good $10+ on this.

    Will wait for your take on each baby. Hugs!