Monday, January 17, 2011

Swatch/Photos: L'Oreal HiP liquid lipcolor in Euphoric

L'Oreal Hip Shine Struck liquid lipcolor in Euphoric is a soft pink shade with fine silver and pink shimmers. It is opaque and can cover the entire lips with one coat. The color and shimmers shows up really well on the lips. It's shiny, shimmery and pretty! Best worn with neutral eyes for a daytime look or with smoky eyes for a sexy pout! Read my full review on these lipcolors HERE.

availability: drugstores
price: $11-13.99. Price varies depending on location.

Swatch lightly on my arm. It has so much shimmers...soooo pretty!

How it looks on my lips

I have discoloration on my lips O_o

Applied with one coat...amazingly pretty!

What do you think of this shade. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. This is such a pretty shade. When I went, this was the only one pretty much left on the shelf :) Totally love it!

  2. I paid full price for this before, I love it that much! It smells amazing! :) It's such a pretty color on you!

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  4. This is a nice everyday pink. My sister got it too and she's hit pan on it.

  5. What an amazing color! When I went to CVS, they didn't have any more of these glosses.

  6. Very pretty! It is opaque indeed. Great find, Becky dear. :P

  7. hands down! :D

    hope it's available here in the Philippines :)

  8. Gorgeous! looks great on you...
    it really is a pretty color. Will check this out.