Monday, January 17, 2011

Swatch/Photos: L'Oreal HiP liquid lipcolor in Arresting

L'Oreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Liquid Lipcolor in Arresting is a beautiful, shocking Magenta shade with blue undertone. It has fine purple-ish shimmers which shows up really well on photos and real life. I can't get over how pretty this color is! Best worn by itself and paired with minimal or neutral eye makeup. Click HERE for my full review.

availabity: drugstores
price: $11-13.99 or lower. Price varies depending on location.

Swatched lightly on my arm. 

Applied on the lips with one coat. 
It's so pigmented and, I love how the shimmers are visible.

It's bright and intense but don't be scared. I'm sure you can rock this shade! 


  1. amazing :D reminds me so much of my hk mac big bow lipstick! n_n. you've mentioned on your review for these glosses to have such yummy scents and that they're non stick :D i soo want to check these out for sure!

  2. Beautiful color!

    I nominated you for "The Stylish Blogger Award". Please have a look:

  3. Love this color- it's seriously gorgeous!

  4. this looks LOVE on your lips! I wouldn't go for this shade, i am into nudes and pinks lately! :)

  5. Shocking Magenta IS the perfect description. It sure is intense, and I can actually see myself wearing this shade. And I'm not the bold type at all.