Monday, February 21, 2011

OOTN: Black for Valentine's Date

Black dress, black sheer stockings, black boots and black smoky eyes is what I wore for my late Valentine's date with Kiko. Don't I like slimmer?

By the way, if you like my makeup, make sure you click here to see more photos and learn how to get the look ^_^

black dress- Everly (San Pedro Wholesale Mart) $5
stretch bracelet- Forever 21 $9
hoop earrings- Downtown L.A. Fashion District $1
sheer black stocking- ???
faux leather black boots- Moda (Downtown L.A. Fashion District) $18


  1. Wow Becky!! I hope you have had a great valentine's day, you was so pretty for sure!
    I like the dress and the "belt" in it :)

  2. you look great ... I can't believe the price on the dress :D

  3. you look amazing here! love the all black ensemble... :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. You look really lovely from head to toe! well..not really toes but shoes! :)

  5. Great look you do look slimmer besides your super tiny as it is !!! Thanks forvstopping by my blog and omg you can rock high boots I'm five feet lololol

  6. You're so beautiful with your outfit.. I also love your make up... ^_^ Gorgeous!

  7. awww OUTFIT POST! love it becky!! You should do these more often haha :D and yeah Goo Goo Dolls was amazing... sigh, I'd be their groupie anyday...

  8. Woohoo for outfit post! LOL

    Now I gotta get you on Twitter! You look gorgeous....I want your skin!

  9. oh love your hair pulled back! so pretty