Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spotted: Huge Cosmetic/Beauty Section and ELF Beauty Books at Ralphs

A few weeks back, I dragged Kiko to a Ralphs grocery store down on Hawthorn blvd at Redondo Beach to  grab some munchies before we head to the beach. I love Ralphs. Sometimes, I would rather get hot food from their deli and bakery instead of eating at a restaurant. They're cheap and really good  in my opinion. I especially like their turkey sandwiches, cheeses, baked chicken and potato wedges ^_^

We were just about to leave when I remembered to grab some pads hehe. I felt it coming anytime soon so might as well get some just to be prepared ^_^. So, I went back and ran to the beauty and wellness aisle and to my surprise, I found a huge section of cosmetics. OMG it was huge! My eyes popped wide open when I saw more than half the aisle were drugstore makeup, makeup brushes, nail polishes and hair tools. It was like a de ja vu of my Bed Bath and Beyond experience. I know grocery stores like Vons, Food 4 Less, and Albertsons have a beauty section but I couldn't remember seeing it this big. It felt like I was at the drugstore lol.

Most of the makeup brands they carried were Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl and L'Oreal. It was very organized. I wished my local drugstore looked like this lol.

Eco Tools brushes!!!

A big selection of hair tools like Revlon and Conair curling irons and hair straighteners.

Oh and I was surprised to see the ELF or eyes.lips.face. Beauty Encyclopedias. Usually, these are sold on the ELF website or Target so finding them at a grocery store was surprising!

This is really exciting. Now you can do your grocery shopping and feed your beauty addiction at the same time. The only bad thing I noticed were the prices. Most of the makeup were full price and, I didn't see any BOGO (buy one, get one) sale. I doubt that they would have it, but I'm pretty sure you can use a coupon to get a discount. Also, I'm not sure if all Ralphs carries a huge cosmetic section. I'll find out and I will edit this post and let you guys know.


  1. Gosh I already spent 1h30 food shopping taking time choosing what i need, with make up on top it'll be another 1h extra LOL
    Can't wait to go to the States to see what ur shops are like (they're so much cheaper), in France they are insanely hugggge.

  2. Wow I can't wait to go to la next week and raid these stuffs myself. Thanks for the tip sweety;-)

  3. wooow this is heaven ,, show us what u got ,,
    if drugstores here were that organized and had wide selections of shades ,, id skip my mac and MUFE makeup -__- amazing

  4. WOW! it's like being a kid in a candy shop lol. The ralphs i shop at has nothing like this. They barely have any makeup! :( I wish all ralphs would be .like this one..

  5. makeup HAVEN!!!i wish we had that kind of store...loaded with different toys....with the same price tags of course hehe

  6. oh my gosh that made me drool beyond belief!!! i wish there was a store like that in australia!! :(

  7. Yeah... a lot of food mart that I've been to have a big selection of them while the places that have them on sale don't. lol. smart smart!

  8. ok, i just stumbled upon ur blog for the 1st time and now I am filled with ENVY already. Omg look at that aisle! Can I get married there so i can walk down the aisle surrounded by makeups :D Ok thats a bit much but seriously, ure very lucky! here in my country, each brand has their own counter with their own Sales Assistant (which annoys me) because sumtimes we just wanna stand there and stare before eventually picking up the ones we're going to purchase.