Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friends!!!! Follow Me on Twitter

Hey guys, I finally got a twitter account, yay! I actually used to have one, but I was never on it because I never really knew how to use it. I also had a super slow phone which took forever to get on the internet. It was so annoying, so I deleted my account lol. But Kiko got me an iPhone this week, which is super duper fast and super fancy, so getting on twitter will be easier. Thank you Baby Cakes!

Follow me under username RebekkahCeleste
and let me know if you have twitter, so I can follow you as well.


  1. I'm following you! I'm @casadeberry - thanks!

  2. WOO HOO! :) Welcome to twitter love! :D

    i'm following you now!

    i'm @MyFitBeauty

  3. hi becky, Just followed you on twitter.

  4. yay for the new twitter account. :) i have to confess though...i still don't know how to use twitter. i have account too, but i never really used it. i don't know how. hehehe...

    the natural look you have on the previous entry is gorgeous. it's very elegant too. i also love the blue top you have on. i love the cowl-neck. it almost looks like you're wearing a scarf. :)

    thanks so much for the compliment on my recent look. and yup, it's okay to go matchy-matchy with outfits and eyeshadow. sometimes, the outfit is the inspiration to the eyeshadow color after all. hehe... :D

  5. Following you now! =) welcome back to twitter hihihi


  6. wow, what a thoughtful Baby Cakes you have...hehehe.

    thank you so much for following back, thought you will snob my invitation 'coz you already thousand of followers.

    stay beautiful inside and out:)

  7. i'm following :)
    tweet me some time @jillian_danica

  8. OMG just saw this post! Going to follow you right now!!! LOL YAY!