Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EOTN: Gray, Blue, Green and Red Duochrome..What the heck is it?

If you remember, I bought the Wet n Wild ColorIcon 8-pan palette in Comfort Zone last week.The first thing that caught my eye was the shimmery eye shadow on the right bottom of the palette. I couldn't really distinguish the shade. It looks gray in the pan, but up close, I saw hints of red and other colors. What the heck is it? When I got home, I was able to play with it and OMG it was love at first swatch. It was a gorgeous brownish red and bluegreen duochrome shadow with shimmery, almost metallic finish. It also changes colors in different angles and lighting. I tried my best to show all the different colors by taking photos in different angles, lighting and bases and it honestly didn't do justice how beautiful and unique this shadow is.You just have to see it in person!

 Straight from the palette. It looks like a light grey with specs of light blue and purple.

Swatch on my finger with flash from my camera. It looks silver!

Sun Light. It looks brownish red!

Applied on top of different bases. You can see the color change depending on the base. So cool!

with flash

no base- shimmery golden bronze
concealer- shimmery plum
white base- shimery brownish red
black base- dark bluegreen sheen. Can't really tell the color that much.

View from the side
no base : brown with silver glitters
concealer: plum with slight sheen
white base: brownish red with few glitters.
black base: dark brownish green with blue and green glitters.

View from different angles without flash.

And here's what it looks like by it self on my eyes. I applied it all over my lids underneath a black base. These photos doesn't show it, but the lid color is actually a dark bluegreen shade in person. It's so gorgeous!!!

Can you see how the color shifted from bluegreen (lid) to brownish red (crease)?

I wore this eye makeup to work, and I got so many compliments. I'm not kidding. 2 women even came up to me and said my makeup looks MAC-ish and I should be on a MAC poster. Awww... It was the best compliment I've ever got about my makeup. I was blushing and laughing like a little girl when I told them I was wearing Wet n Wild eye shadow. Their eyes popped wide open and couldn't believe it!

If you want to get your hands on this unique and gorgeous shadow, then you should get the Wet n' Wild ColorIcon 8-pan palette in Comfort Zone. The palette is only $5!!!

Becky ^_^


  1. Wet n Wild definitely needs more hype! Your swatches are awesome, and convinced me to buy a palette too thank goodness their on the cheaper end. :)
    Cheers Deb

  2. I can imagine their eyes popping out when they found out you were wearing WnW and not MAC. But WnW seriously upped their game. Very nice FOTD. :)

  3. wow! that's awesome, I you can have those shades for only one color! it's the coolest. would love to have those, but I haven't seen it online yet. Hmmm I'll be waiting for that.

  4. Yes, I said I didn't need any more shadows...but that duo chrome color is just lovely!!! I love how you swatched them for different looks, too. Just shows how one shadow like this can be so versatile.

    Hehe, go WnW!! Take that, MAC! (jk). :]

  5. Really think its a lovely color!
    I love it with black and white base =D

  6. Ooooo pretty. I love the metallic colors. Great swatches Becky! =)

  7. Very pretty! I want it! Wal-Mart better have it in stock this time when I go on Saturday!

    You did a beautiful job with your makeup - you deserved the compliments! Gorgeous!

    -Candice :)

  8. So versatile, love the different colors depending on the base and the reflection. It looks amazing! :)


  9. Pretty! It's duochrome. Reddish brown (I don't know how it's called in english) with green shimmer. Gorgeous!

  10. thank you for posting this! This color was the reason why I got the palette but didn't know what how to use it. I'll definitely give it a try!

  11. Want!! Want!!

    *sob* When will they come to my neck of the woods?? WHEEEN???

  12. going to see if I can find this tmmr at Shoppers....

  13. Becky, this is my FAVORITE palette. I was lucky enough to find it at my local Walgreens the other day, and omg, the "definers" are ultra-pigmented! I love it! Now my only regret is not picking up the dark blue palette.. darn!! For $5, these eyeshadows almost compare to my $34 Kat Von D palettes! Grrrrr! I think I'm going back there tomorrow to see if they still have the other palette in stock!

  14. the colors looked interesting together! i can see some flecks of green shimmers. so pretty!

  15. It is gorgeous! MAC do have a pigment that is really like that shadow- my friends wears it and I'm always like 'wow'! Dunno which pigment it is though because I've never seen it in store. Maybe it was a L.E.. :(

  16. I Am going to have to try this look out!! So gorgeous!

  17. wauw gorgeous! love the FOTD, definitely want to try this out