Thursday, March 17, 2011

LOOK: Wet n' Wild Dramatic Navy Blue and Shimmery Green eyes with Nude lips.

While everyone is out and about on St.Patrick's night, I'm at home playing with makeup. How fun O_o. I created a makeup look using the Wet n' Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow palette in Pride...again! This time, it's a dramatic...very dramatic eye makeup using the shimmery green on the lids and matte navy blue shadow on the crease. I love how this palette has a mix of both matte and shimmery shades making it easy for me to create a strong and well balance eye makeup. 

As you can see, I extended the navy blue shadow above my natural crease. This gave the eyes a very strong and dark look.


I used Wet n' Wild ColorIcon eye shadow palette in Pride. If you don't have this palette then just use similar colors you have in your makeup kit.

-Prime the eyes with NYX shadow base in skin tone. This will help the shadow last longer.
-Apply the shimmery white in the inner corners of the eyes with a pencil brush.
-Apply the shimmery green all over the lids passing above the crease and the inner half of the lower lash liner. with ELF Studio Line shadow brush.
-Apply the matte navy blue  on the outer V with a damp ELF $1 blending brush dragging it above the crease, stopping half way. Wetting the shadow intensified the color.
-Apply shimmer blue on the outer half of the lower lash line.
- Lightly apply the shimmery green on the egde of the navy blue with ELF $1 blending brush. This will help blend the edge of the blue a little, so it's doesn't too harsh. 
-Line the eyes with Stila Smudge Pot in black, curl lashes and apply false lashes.

-Clean the shadow fall out with baby wipes. You want a clean face before applying foundation.
-Even out the skin tone with MAC Fix fluid liquid foundation (NC42) using ELF Studio Line foundation brush.
-Apply Almay Line Smoothing concealer under the eyes and blemishes.
-Set the face with powder. I forgot to do this step. Silly me!

-Apply Wet n Wild ColorIcon blusher Pearlescent Pink on the apple of the cheeks with a MAC stippling brush. It's a peachy pink with gold specs, very similar to Nars Orgasm blush.
-Apply Milani Mosaic blush in Afterglow under the cheek bones with an angled blush brush. This will define the face and give it a slimmer appearance.

-Moisturize with EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Let it soak into the lips.
-Line the entire lips with Wet n' Wild creme lip liner in Willow.
-Then top it off with ELF Minty lip gloss in Los Angeles. It's a bright pink shade with gold shimmers.

Please check out my other makeup looks using WnW ColorIcon Eyeshadow palette in Pride.


  1. You knoe how to ise this palette ;). I like the combination of green and blue. Perfect!! The blush looks so pretty on you. I need to ask you something becky. I've made some changes at my blog and I huess some people are havings problems now and they are not able to make comments. Are you one of them? Thanks in advance Becky. Kisses

  2. WOW! First of all, sorry about the bad spelling on the previous message, I was writing at my phone LOL.
    Thanks for answering Becky, you are so nice ;)I guess it was just Blogger messing up, as you said ;)
    Kisses honey!!

  3. I love blue!!! and Im gonna look for this palette! lol
    so pretty I like how the green peeps even with the blue on.. :)

  4. Very pretty. A strong look, if I must say. Made your eyes look sharp as if telling people that you're not the gal to mess with. :P Love the lip color. :)

  5. That wet n wild lippie looks gorgeous. I have to get my hands on it haha.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  6. This look is gorgeous, you did an amazing job creating this look :)
    I need to get my hands on that WNW palette, i love it :)

  7. Fabulous Becky! I'd wear this to the disco. :))


  8. So, so, so nice! Might try to go for that look for a weekend party ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  9. lovely look as I mentioned on twitter! I'm surprised that the wet in wild color palette is so pigmented, I remember trying w n w once and the colors barely showed. have a great weekend!

  10. i LOVE this!! and i'm so in love with all my wet n wild stuff that i haven't even been reaching for any of my higher end makeup lol. love it! ;)

  11. this make up is stunning on you is just perfect, you are amazing girl!

  12. WOW! girl you definitely can work this palette! these colors look beautiful on you. Love it!

  13. Beautiful work! Your skin is glowing.

  14. I love how you can totally pull this off! If I tried to do this to my face, I'd look like a total goof. =(

  15. yes! i love looking at eye makeups with mixture of shimmers and matte. they always look interesting together!

  16. Your skin always looks so flawless!
    I may have to check out the wet n wild palette as the colors seem to have a lot of potential.

  17. Love how you're doing different looks with the same palette. This would be great for a night out

  18. That eyeshadow palette is actually nice.

  19. Beautiful ! What are you using on your eyebrows ?

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  21. Hi... Everything looks amazing.Really good shades..... Thanks a lot will definitely try that! :)

  22. Very pretty. A nice look everything looks amazing and loved to looking at eye makeup