Sunday, March 13, 2011

Must See Clothing Bargain Haul...L.A. Fashion District/San Pedro Wholesale Mart

Before anything else, I want to say that San Pedro Wholesale Mart is NOT the Santee Alley that a lot of people are familiar of. They are both located in the L.A. Fashion District, but they are not the same place. I say this because last time I did  post on San Pedro Wholesale Mart, I got emails saying how they like my Santee Alley post lol. I honestly don't like Santee Alley. It's expensive. Yes it is. Might as well go to the mall and get the same thing for the same price. They also rip people off left and right, especially when you look like you're from out of town. San Pedro Wholesale is waaayyy better. Even though it's only available to the public on Saturdays, it's so much cheaper and you get so much so your money. I am taking about cute $5 cocktail dresses $10 prom dresses $7-10 pants, skinny jeans, coats, 3 for $10 tops, shirts and the list goes on. Good luck getting that price at the Alley.

So I went with my best friend Monica 2 weeks ago and we had a blast. It was her first time and she just fell in love with this place. She only brought $50 cash, and she came out with a bunch of clothes..cute clothes! But before I show you my haul, here are some new photos I took of the place and other wholesale buildings that just opened. Some of the photos were taken with my iPhone, so the quality is not that great. Enjoy!

7:30 A.M. at San Pedro Wholesale Mart. Yes, you have to be there that early lol.

Click HERE for more photos of the place. Trust me, you will be blown away.

$1-3 rings, bracelets, necklaces and etc.

My eyes popped when I saw this huge table of Milani makeup. $1-3 lipsticks, shadows, blushes, face powders, nail polishes etc. I didn't get anything though.

More Milani makeup. $2 3D lip glosses

Fake MAC makeup *shakes head*. This makes me a little mad because sellers lie to customers saying it's the real thing and people fall for it. So sad *shakes head*.

$1 Sally Hansen lipsticks and glosses. They're still sealed. Do you guys remember these bright green 75% off stickers? They're from 2009 end of the year Clearance Makeup sale at CVS. Click HERE to see it.

$1 toys and accessories.

Standford Wholesale Mart and L.A. Fashion Mart.These are new wholesale buildings that just opened next to San Pedro Wholesale Mart. This means more shopping!

$1-2 accessories

L.A. Fashion Mart

So now onto my haul...

$5 dress by Viva You USA. I wore this to a wedding I attended 2 weeks ago with Kiko. I wore it with my Ann Taylor cardigan in limelight, and it was the cutest outfit ever! Click HERE to see it.

$5 tank dress. So cute!

$5 I don't know what you call it by Audrey Ann. I honestly don't know what you call this one piece thing that has shorts on the bottom lol.

$3 Forever21 tunic. I cut the label off.

$5 striped dress by Everly . This dress is love! I love the laced sleeves.

$5 cotton dress by Everly. 

$5 Knitted Vest by Mocha.

$3 vest by Cest Toi.

4 for $10 leggings by Soho Lady.They're great underneath a dress, skirt or huge baggy shirts.

2 for $10 thick leggings by Color Me. They're thicker than a regular leggings, so they feel warm.

Heritage 3 for $10 cotton shirts. I love the puppy shirt the most. It's so cute!

I thought this boyfriend shirt is pretty funny lol.

Forever 21 3 for $10 shirts.

If you're ever in Los Angeles, Ca. make sure you stop by this place. It's the ultimate bargain shopping experience! It's only open to the public on Saturdays from 7-11 a.m. and remember, it's not the Alley ok! ^_^

1057 South San Pedro St.

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Click HERE and HERE to see more of my San Pedro Wholesale Mart haul and other awesome bargain shopping places in L.A.


  1. Ive been to Santee Alley before once 2 yrs ago wow I did not know it was so expensive compared to this place. I am amazed w. San Pedro and JEALOUS! Ugh I have to go there next time I go to Cali. Thank you so much for the post you got great stuff. I would also be mad about fake MAC.

    1. I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information….This is a big help for sure!!Thanks!
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  2. I am SO blown away by the pics of everything!! I've lived in LA for so much of my life and I never knew of these places :P Gees! Next time I visit my parents, I am going to hit up this place. Never heard of Santee but if you agree it's expensive, I wont even go there :p I don't like mall prices as it is :p

  3. I'm from SJ but after seeing this post, seriously wanna take a trip to LA to check this place out. lol I love the teal tunic and believe sweater from F21 you got =)

  4. excellent buy :D love the Everly stuff :F the floral dress is rocking :D

  5. wow. i wish i can shop there! i so like the tank dress. great buy, Becky!

  6. I would love to shop there but I'm here in Manila! :(

    by the way I have an award for you! please visit my site to see it! :)

  7. WOW!!!!! You can't find places like that in here. If you want clothes you have to pay TOO MUCH for them.
    4 leggings, 10?? crazy!!!!
    I loved all the pieces you had bought... the 5$ striped dress with laced sleeves is amazing!!!
    The one you wore at the wedding from last post looks so good on you.
    The 5~knitted vest by Mocha is great for lot os outfits...
    You know how to dress without burn yor pocket :)
    Great post Kisses!

  8. WOW, i wish we had places like that here in Norway. This looks really cool and amazing :)

  9. you know, i think it's a good thing i don't live near those places. because i don't think there would be money left for my babies' food :D

    I've just awarded you a Stylish Blogger badge, check out my blog for details, thanks!

  10. wow...big big savings!!! you really know where to shop. i especially like the puppy shirt, it's really cute:)

  11. omg... I wanted that puppy shirt and the believe from forever21 website but I didn't see the point of ordering it online.... There was an orange dinosaur I wanted too. lol. Good deal! How can you tell if its fake or not? and nothing you wanted from the Milani line?

  12. You bought so many pretty clothes! I love cotton dress by Everly - it's gorgeous and so girly! xoxo

  13. I really want to go there and shop till I drop! hahaha! I feel sorry for those who buys fake mac make up...since there are some people who doesn't know how to spot the fake from the real ones and who knows those fake products could even cause harm specially it's a product that is being applied onto the skin...some sellers would LIE just to earn some money. :(

    Anyway I love those F21 long sleeves!


  14. OMG!!
    this is such an amazing post!
    the deals :)

  15. OMG looks awesome but overwhelming! I have attempted to go here years ago but it's just too much for me..LOL

    Were there any small sized rings for petite fingers?

  16. I am excited after seeing this so thank you for posting! i really want to go, my hubby is asking if they sell Mens clothes there as well? and I agree with the fake MAC! ugh..bad! and i also didn't like the Milani makeup that is displayed under the sun/heat, it is melting! :-(

  17. wowwers !! you got some really amazing items ! I love all the clothes but how adorable is the puppy shirt ahhaaaa !! love it !!

  18. OMG , How lucky!!
    I wish someplace like that, I sure would be buying up those Milani goodies. Awesome clothing haul.

  19. @SugarBear: Unfortunately, they don't really have men's clothing. It's mostly women's and children's clothes. I'm not sure why though. You have to go by the Alley for men's clothes. Also, that's why I didn't get some Milani makeuup. They were under the hot sun lol.

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  21. I was by Sante Alley while on vacation. I didn't know where to go other than that area. How big is the fashion district exactly? I thought santee alley was considered the district hahaha....this will be on my list

  22. thanks for posting the address, i went there last 3wks with a friend , bt could not remember how to get there again, i know the place, but just how to get there. thanks again

  23. Thank you for sharing such a informative post on wholesale womens clothing .I think it would be very cheap and of best quality.