Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OOTN: Limelight and Magenta

ReallyPetite wanted to see what my Ann Taylor V-neck cardigan in limelight looks like on me, so here it is. I wore it to a wedding on Saturday with Kiko. I wore it over a brownish grey spaghetti strap dress with little square magenta prints ($5 dress!). It was such a pretty combination. It's very Spring. I could've worn the dress by itself, but I was very conscious with my flabby arms, and I didn't want to show my back because it was breaking out..yikes! Also, I thought the dress looked better with the cardigan, and it made the outfit modest ^_^.

For the bling-bling and shoes, I chose to wear gold. I tried silver and black but gold looked much better with the bright colors...I thought.

The non-matching couple lol.

For my makeup, click HERE to read about it. I called it my "So So Makeup look" because I wasn't feeling it all lol. By the way, thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post. Believe me, I wasn't trying to fetch for compliments. I was just having a bad makeup day.

I love this pic of me and Kiko. I look taller lol.

dress- San Pedro Wholesale Mart $5 (..will do a heavy pic L.A. Fashion District clothing haul soon. Editing is being a biotch!)
cardigan- Ann Taylor. Retails for $68
bag- Louie Vuitton. A gift from my aunt. Free
stretch bangle bracelet- Ann Taylor. Retails for $58
neck lace- Ann Taylor. Retails for $68

Here are 2 of my favorite photos from the wedding.

..with the groom's parents

and the cool wedding cake ^_^

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  1. The wedding cake is pretty and you look beautiful! Nice combination outfit =]

  2. I can't believe your beautiful dress was just 5$ WOW!!!
    You look amazing in it. i loved the color combination, you look dressy, comfy and pretty nice :)
    The wedding cake is lovely ;)
    Kisses Becky. i guess you were the most beautiful girl at the wedding.

  3. I cannot believe that that dress was THAT affordable... I was expecting it to coat lik $80
    you look amazing :D
    and the cake was really nice too :D

  4. aww lovely outfit, I can't believe that dress was only $5! you got a great deal on it!

  5. You look so pretty! And right on trend for Spring. The colors are so vibrant and happy!

  6. Your outfit looks amazing and you look beautiful! your gold heels are sexy! great job on the outfit, the cardigan looked good with your dress :-)

  7. Dang girl 5 bux for the dress, I sooo gots to go sopping with you Ha ha. Perfect picture background. The sky looked beautiful. As did you guys. =)


  8. Sorry but you look like a hot mess. Nothing matched nor coordinated well. Sorry! Makeup looks pretty though.