Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review/Swatch: Wet n Wild ColorIcon blusher in Pearlescent Pink

Wet n Wild ColorIcon blusher in Pearlescent Pink is LOVE! It's a gorgeous warm pink shade with gold shimmers that looks amazing in all skin tones. It's so pigmented, easy to blend, very affordable, and it's now one of my favorite blushes ever!

Product claim from WnW website:
"Sweep on this silky-smooth blush that strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and radiant pop of maximum color. A special blend of treated nylon powders provides long lasting color. Dermatologist tested."
PRICE: $2.99. I got mine for only $1.69 during a sale at Walgreens last year.
AVAILABILITY: drugstores. I got mine at Walgreens.
AMOUNT: 0.14 oz
TYPE: powder blush
SHADE: Pearlescent Pink. It looks like a warm peachy pink with gold shimmers in the pan, but it's more pink once you apply it on your face. It's really pretty!
FINISH: It is a shimmery blush, but don't let it discourage you from trying it. The shimmers are more subtle once you have it on your cheeks. It's not too over powering and it just gives your face a slight sheen.
TEXTURE: Surprisingly, it has a nice silky soft texture. Usually, cheap blushes are chalky and streaky but not this one. It's also easy to blend and a little goes a long way.
COVERAGE: You definitely need the right brush to apply this kind of pigmented blush. It can go from sheer to super bright very quickly so be careful. To apply, I prefer using my ELF Studio Line stippling brush and stipple on the apple of my cheeks, then blend upwards towards the temple. The bristles are far apart and it picks up a little bit of product, making it easier for me control how much I apply.

Swatch on my arm. You can still see a little bit of the gold specs.

 What it looks like on my face.

I applied it heavily on the apple of my cheeks so you can see the color better.

For this Mermaid inspired makeup, I applied the blush under my cheek bones as a contour shade to give the illusion of a slimmer face ^_^

-Very affordable
-Easy to blend
-Not too shimmery
-Compliments all skin tone


I'm really in love with this blush and everyone should have it in their makeup collection. Trust me, you will love it too. Also watch out for my next post. I will do a comparison between this and NARS blush in Orgasm. A lot of people say they're very similar, so we will see!

Do you own any of the Wet n Wild ColorIcon blushes? What shade did you get?


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!! :) This has to be the most beautiful drugstore blush I have ever seen!! Off to find it now!! :)

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it :D

  3. Hey Becky! Lovely blush color you got there. What brush did you use to apply?

  4. Love the color! I think that is also available here...around 200php in SM Dept. store... ^_^

  5. So pretty! Gotta check this one out! :D Thanks for this review, Becky :)

  6. the color suits your skin tone :)

    if this is a nice dupe for orgasm then its gotta be a winner. i dont own an orgasm. i have been using my elf glow for a long time and thinking its a nice dupe for it, i dont know.

    cant wait for your comparison post :)

  7. I actually saw these at Walmart today and was wondering how they were...perfect timing! This color's so pretty~ it does give you a nice, bright sheen. Loving it. ^^

  8. Hi Becky. This shade of blush looks so good on you!!
    We don't have Wet N Wild in here, what a pitty, because this blush is lovely!! thanks for sharing.

  9. It looks great! I am on the hunt for a taupey-coral blush, and I am definitely checking to see if Wet-n-Wild has what I am looking for this weekend!

    -Candice :)

  10. The blush looks gorgeous and suits your skin tone very well! Looking forward to your comparison post between this and NARS O. :P

  11. ur eyemakeup does instantly remind me- Mermaid ♥ great success!
    really wanna try wet n wild blush =)!

  12. I was looking at that yesterday! lol

  13. definitely one of my faves as well! i LOVE wnw! so i'm loving all of your wnw posts. ;) and btw, this blush looks absolutely gorge on you hun!

  14. Now that's funny Becky, I was just telling another blogger how it seems I never hear about those blushes but the eyeshadows get so much rave!

  15. i love blushes and like trying new colors, different brands, etc. If I see this the next time I'm at Rite Aid, I will buy one and give it a try. It looks pretty on you!

  16. I've used this before and liked it! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me!! Have a great weekend!!

  17. Super nice! your skin looks healthy overall with a nice shimmer on your cheeks!

  18. gorgeous! you're glowing with it... :)

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the review. I'm looking into Wet n' Wild as soon as I can!

    By the way, I've revamped my site (for the last time in a long time I swear! So give me a visit when you can--

  20. OMG! This looks very pretty! I love your eye makeup! :)
    Lovely blog you've got. I'm a new follower.:) Do check mine out too?

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  22. I got it after seeing you wearing it with the navy & green look post and have used it every time I get my makeup done! :D

  23. the wet and wild stuff looks awesome. u lookin beautiful. great blog u have here :)

  24. that is a gorgeous color blush, I will definitly have to see if I can find it =)

    Great blog!! Just started following it =)

  25. omg blusher is so lovely...

    love ur eyemakeup

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