Sunday, April 10, 2011

I used it all up...Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

Can you believe it? I finished a whole bottle of Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation. OMG this is so exciting. It's my first time to finish a whole bottle of foundation and I'm pretty proud of myself lol. It's such an awesome foundation, and it's what I reach for whenever I do my makeup. It's great for everyday use because it looks natural and it really stays on my face for a long time. It's love!

Here is my little review...

Product: Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex for Combination/Oily skin.

Product claim from :
"ColorStay makeup with SoftFlex provides light weight comfort, so you feel like you're not wearing makeup. Looks fresh up to 16 hours".
shade: Golden Caramel. What I love about the Revlon ColorStay foundation line is the wide range of shades to choose from. You're definitely going to find a perfect match for your skin tone. Just be patient in finding the right shade. Golden Caramel is a perfect match to my MAC NC42-44 skin tone.
skin type: Combination/Oily skin. I have oily skin and this foundation works great IF I apply a face primer underneath. It doesn't matter what brand of primer. I just notice it makes my face oily if I forget to apply primer. Does anyone else have this problem?
packaging: Standard foundation bottle without a pump. This was a bit annoying at first because you are more likely to pour out too much product. But you're gonna get used to it. Just make sure to pour slowly.
finish: It dries to matte finish then later turns dewy after 3 hours (not oily). My favorite way to apply it is with a wet sponge for a more natural finish.
texture: It's quite thick at first, but once you blend it on your skin it feels light weight.
coverage: The coverage is medium. Few of my blemishes still shows a little bit underneath but it's nothing a concealer can't fix.
longevity: The product claims it last for 16 hours. Now, I don't recommend wearing makeup for that long, but I can tell you this foundation lasted me a whole day without any fading at all. It's seriously is ColorStay!
price: $12.99. It's reasonable drugstore price, but I suggest to use a coupon or wait for a BOGO (BuyOneGetOne) sale to get a discount.
availability: drugstores.

Here's what it looks like on my face (Defined and Natural Looking Makeup look) I like to use a wet sponge to apply and blend all over my face. This application gives a natural looking finish. If you want more coverage, I suggest using a foundation brush.

-Stays on all day!
-Looks natural
-Easy to blend
-Decent coverage
-Wide range of shades available

-Poor packaging. No pump
-Makes my face oily without a primer.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Whenever someone ask me what good foundation to use, I always recommend Revlon ColorStay. I've tried a lot of foundations (not all) from high end to drugstore and this is far by the best in my opinion. It blends in nicely onto the skin that sets to natural looking finish and it stays on all day. It's also very affordable which makes my wallet very happy. Will I re purchase? Definitely!


  1. I still haven't finished my bottle lol..I've always been a powder person cause I used to live in high humidity, but this foundation is just great. I totally agree about the finish. I have never used it with a wet sponge, but I think I'm gonna try that out.

  2. you need to try the 24 hr stay by Maybelline. A lot of people say the colorstay has full coverage but they have not tried the Maybelline one ahahhahah. very very very full!

  3. i badly want to try this product but I can't find the right shade!!!

  4. I am so proud of you too!! :) That is pretty awesome to finish one whole bottle! I've never done so. One of my friends used crack open her glass foundation bottle to truly finish it up. I always thought it was kinda dangerous :p lol

  5. I will try this product. Love the way it looks on you.

  6. I have it an I love it too. Perfect for my combo/oily skin and lasts a long time :)

  7. I want to try that foundation but unfortunately I have to finish my nichido one...I'm halfway through it...yey!

  8. You look so fresh and radiant!! The only day I wore foundation was my Wedding day LOL
    I spend so much time and money doing my eyes.. LOl and I usually touch my face a lot, I know that's not a good thing :( but I do.
    You are so beautiful Becky, your face always looks luminous and not tired :D

  9. i use too this foundation.thank's , look beautiful!

  10. You look fabulous... such flawless skin! ! x

  11. congrats on using it all up... I should finish mine this summer :D

  12. hi becky. thanks for the review.

    i really want to try this. i hope we have the same skin tone? (im nc35 in mac) kasi mga revlon counter assistants are really bad in suggesting shades.

    they always try to give me shades that are lighter than my neck and i dont want that. so, i always ended up not buying kasi ayaw nila maniwala na maputi nga ang nilalagay nila sa akin.

    thanks so much :)

  13. this looks great you are pretty :) nice blog :) im your new follower hoping to be followed back by you :) xoxox

  14. I absolutely agree! I've tried so many foundations, and Revlon provides me with the best finish. I've gone through about 4 bottles of it!

  15. I have this one too but rarely use it. I didn't know that I had to use primer! LOL What is that anyway? Oh boy, I feel like an idiot!!!

    That's why I read your blog Becky!!!

  16. Dang, I can't believe you actually finished the bottle. lol. It means its great for you to keep coming back to it! I should give it a try with the wet sponge for a natural look... Actually, I should consider buying it. hehe. I need something with no SPF since I only like to wear it when there's cameras around... you know, the special occasions. I know a lot of people complain about the smell, do you have a problem with that?

  17. mine's still half full! haha.
    I agree, It stays on all day :)

  18. i soo love this foundation too! very good for a drugstore foundation. becky, what is your shade in mac?

  19. oh okay nc42-44. i would love to use this more often but i just turned back to my fix fluid because of my light acne. ;(

  20. i forgot to mention that this foundation looks really good on you! ;)

  21. I can't remember if I ever have finished a whole bottle of foundation. Always trying new ones...yeah.

    Colorstay is the foundation I always come back to. It's simply one of the, if not the, best foundations out there. I even mix the HE ones with Colorstay, to get the staying power it provides.

  22. ur skin look flawless!!! Never tried revlon's foundation.. When it comes to foundation, I tend to go for more higher-end ones as I'm always worried that drugstore ones will break me out :S

  23. I loved this foundation but I'm pretty sure it also broke me out. :(

  24. i dont know what shade to go for in dry/normal formula. i got 320 it was too pink!or I dont even know it is just off! Can somebody help me please? For refrence- im 240 natural being in maybelline dream smooth line, loreal true match w5 and w6 , rimmel 202 nude but that was a bit light for me? Can you recommend me any other foundation with even fuller coverage or the same as this but still a bit towards the natural look?

  25. I'm Pakistani, I use Revlon Colorstay in Golden Caramel too! However, it does separate in humid weather, so you do have to use it up pretty fast :/ Here are my other foundation colors in case anyone is the same color as me: Givenchy Photoperfexion Perfect Amber (when i'm more tan), L'Oreal True Match W6(when i'm more light), MAC NC 42 (a little too yellow for me, though), Clinique Even better Butterscotch (perfect).

  26. What do you use now that 360 shade is discontinued with the new formulas? true beige??