Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm ready for Spring!

Can you spot my muffin top? LOL

These floral flats from Payless is soooo old. I've had it since high school (ancient years ago).

Can you tell I'm ready for Spring? I love my v-neck cardigan in limelight from Ann Taylor. It's so bright and fun. I wore this outfit to work, and I got compliments from clients and co-workers. My assistant manager even told me Robyn wore a similar outfit at her concert that he went to not too long ago. Remember Robyn from the 90's? She was so dope. Still dope! Dang I feel old lol.

"Show Me Love" by Robyn

limelight cardigan- Ann Taylor. Buy it HERE for 40% off
cotton cami- Downtown L.A. Fashion District $2.50. By similar HERE.
belt- Grandma's $0 ^_^
double layered faux pearl necklace- Forever 21 $7.50
pull on jeggings- Heritage $7.00. Buy it HERE.
leather purse- Ann Taylor. Buy similar HERE
floral flats- Payless $10. Buy similar HERE.


  1. Very pretty, Becky! Florals+bright colours=spring.

    *waves bye bye to cooler months*

  2. love this look! it's so vibrant and perfect for spring!

  3. this looks gorgeous on you! color blocking! ooo girl, try having some kids then come back and talk about muffin tops lol! You're in great shape!
    xo -shayla

  4. So colorfull and lovely. you look good Becky :D Jeans fit you perfectly, you've got a really nice body :)

  5. i love the whole look! especially the combination of yellow and teal blue.


  6. Loooooooove the outfit! Colorful and so fun :D

  7. I am loving the yellow want to shop ...I also loved your blazer from there a while back
    but I must refrain :(

  8. Love that yellow color on you :)

    And Robyn is still hot! Her new album is great!


  9. this Spring outfit! So remember how we bought the AT yellow cardi at the same time awhile back? Well I returned it, then regretted it and then recently bought it AGAIN for only $23...hehehehe Love it on you!!! And the floral flats..adorable!!!!!

  10. love the outfit and your shoes are super cute!

  11. dying over that sweater! such and amazing color and your makeup looks gorgeous! xoxo

  12. You look stunning!So beautiful pop colors..

  13. Pretty and colorful outfit! I like the pop of colors. I didn't even knew you wore jeggings 'cause they look like jeans to me!

    I'm going to be honest.. I have no idea who she is and I'm a 90's baby. lol. Damn... sound so ancient when I say "90's."

  14. Nice outfit, love your use of colours. How nice is that cardigan too!

  15. love this perfect spring outfit!!! lovin that cardigan, matched with the belt & ooohh those shoes is an oldie but goodie!!! pretty!!!! just curious why does it look like you're always in a hotel hallway? haha... sorry for being nosey!

  16. such a fun and cute outfit! love the purse. ;)