Friday, April 1, 2011

Private Temptu Sale at

If you've been wanting to try airbrush makeup, but always hesitated because of it's crazy expensive price, then you should really check out Sephora's Beauty Insider Online Event. All Temptu Airbrush Kit is 40% off OMG! Orginally, they're $280 but with the 40% off, it's only $165. It's a great deal!

It's only for a limited time (April 1-3) so hurry while supplies last.

Click HERE to purchase.


  1. WOW!! It look nice I´ve never seen it before... Do you think the results are good??

  2. I want a contraption that can make me pretty! I WANT THIS! Sigh... wish I lived there :)

  3. are you getting this airbrush kit? or do you already have it? I've heard a lot of great things about it! 40% is such a great deal! Sure, you can blog about my giveaway, but only if you want to. =]

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  5. the sale was for one day only.

  6. I heard so much about this, but I can't find it anywhere in my country. Online maybe...


  7. @Anonymous: The email I got from Sephora says April 1-3 :)

  8. I just bought this temptu machine it's amazing for sure but good luck trying to find replacement pods when you run out!! It's impossible to find any in Edmonton since sephora is no longer carrying them!! Online yes, tried that but holy F*** border fees!!!!! Dot waste your money!