Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EcoTools "Choose To Live Beautifully" Event...Photos and Free Samples

I'm a huge EcoTools fan. I've been using their makeup brushes for the longest time. They have the softest, most luxurious brushes I've ever used on my face. I even got my family and friends hooked on them. They are made from eco-friendly and non animal cruelty materials and very affordable. By using/purchasing their products, you will not only look good, but you're helping the environment as well. Very cool! So, when I read on NouveauCheap that they were having a beauty event in Santa Monica Pier here in Los Angeles, I couldn't help but get  excited. 

WHO: EcoTools "Choose To Live Beautifully" campaign 2011 

WHAT: Taken from the EcoTools website
The Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign is part of our mission to empower women everywhere to choose a beautiful life, starting with their beauty routine.
For the second consecutive year, we’re giving you the opportunity to make smarter beauty choices by swapping your cosmetic supplies, in exchange for a coupon to try an EcoTools alternative that is earth friendly and luxurious. We’ll then take all your donated products to RecycleBank®, where they will be recycled in a responsible and ethical manner.

WHEN: Campaign will run from May to September 1st, 2011

WHERE and HOW:  During the campaign you can mail-in any new or used beauty products or join us at any one of our nationwide sampling events to personally swap your supplies.
Mail in your new or used beauty item to the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign. In return for your donated product, you will receive a coupon [valued up to $7.99; limit two coupons per person] for a complimentary EcoTools product.
The “Choose to Live Beautifully” campaign partner, RecycleBank®(www.recyclebank.com), will then recycle all donated products. Now that’s beauty you can feel good about!

Mail in your products, along with your full name and mailing address to:
Choose To Live Beautifully Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 North Damen Ave, Suite 2D
Chicago, Illinois 60647

Products to donate:
-Body Mists
-Bath Sponges
-Hand Creams
-Body Washes and Scrubs
-Hand and Heel Creams
-Cosmetic Brushes

Beauty Event location: Santa Monica Pier (May 21) Chicago Illinois (May 24)  and Washington D.C. (May 26). Click HERE for more info.

I was able to go to the beauty event at the Santa Monica Pier. They were giving away free EcoTools brushes and they were offering free makeovers. I was only there for a short period of time because I had to rush back to work. But I was able to meet the wonderful and friendly staff of EcoTools, took lots of photos and donated my used beauty products in return for a coupons and free cosmetic brush sample. Yay!

EcoTools' tent

They had a beautiful display of all their products: cosmetic brushes, bath and body care, bath tools and etc..

I donated my old makeup brushes (I'm not going to mention from what brand lol), half empty body wash, lotions, hand cream and moisturizer that I don't use anymore.

Gahhh..I was drooling over the brush set. I love their brushes!

...girls waiting in line to get their makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles

Whoo Hoo!...Me, holding my free brush and coupons ^_^
Do you like my makeup? Click here to see more.

My free sample. I already gave it some love and OmGahh...It's super duper soft!

Coupons!! Free EcoTools product

Even though I was only there for a short time, it was still a great experience. I encourage everyone to mail in your old beauty products to support the campaign. You're just going to throw it in the trash anyway, so might as well donate them, so they can be recycled and you can get your coupons towards a free EcoTools product ^_^

Twitter: @ecotools
Website: Ecotools.com


  1. An angled blush brush?! Me.Want.One. Haha! Lucky yoU! :P

  2. wow , so cool event! beautiful pics! you look so beautiful! xoxo.have a nice day!

  3. I would have loved to go, maybe next year :)

  4. i want the ecobrush set!! drool ;p

    much love,

  5. I never thought about doing a face of the day before. Thanks for the idea! =)

  6. Wow this look like it was a great event. That was nice of you to donate some stuff. =) How do you like their brushes compared to MACs?

  7. nice to use AND eco friendly and against animal testing, I'm sold on the brushes! you look great in these pics btw!

  8. how do you get that brush roll set???