Friday, May 27, 2011

I met Blair...Juicystar07

Do you know who this pretty girl is? Her name is Blair Fowler or better known as Juicystar07 on youtube. She's a youtube celebrity if you ask me! This 17 year old does makeup tutorials, makeup hauls and vlogs or "juicyjabber" and has 600,000+ subscribers...WOW! I remember when she first started making videos 2 years go. She was only 15 then, and I found myself watching and learning beauty tips from this young teen. I like her bubbly personality, and she really knew what she's talking about ^_^.

This photo was taken awhile back at my work (Los Angeles, Ca). I got to talk to her for a bit and she was super nice, easy to talk to and super down to earth.  And man, she was super tall... or I'm just super short. I'm only 5'0 feet tall and 2 inches heels didn't help haha.


Here are some photos I took from the IMATS 2010. Click here to see more photos.

Blaire's little fans at the Imats 2010. They're so cute!

Signing autographs ^_^

Her sister Elle Fowler or Allthatglitters21 on youtube. So pretty and super tall too!

Blair's Youtube channel: Juicystar07
Elle and Blaire's website:
Blair's Twitter: Juicystar007


  1. wow! juicystar07 is one of my favorite youtube celebs!! :)

  2. omghhkp! ( i got that from her ) i loooove juicystar07! My fiance knows about how much I am very much of a fan of Blair! :) I also love Elle as well. You're soooo lucky! I hope to meet her one of these days! :)

  3. Oh wow that's cool. I'm still new to the world of beauty but I'll check out her youtube videos. =)


  4. I've watched a couple of videos from both the Fowler sisters it's true they're both awesome.

  5. I found Blair's youtube channel about one and a half year ago, and she looked so sweet and nice. To be hinest... I'm not watching her videos lately....
    And yes LOL she's so tall!! I'm 5,1 Becky, you and me are tiny ones LOL

  6. hahahaha I really love you, girl!! you are so funny with your comments. I'm a tiny woman like Eva longoria, Salma Hayek, Elsa Pataky.... People who see me at pics usually thinks I'm taller, but I'm pocket size :( hahaha.
    kisses lovely Becky.

  7. ha that's so cool! i watch her on youtube too