Sunday, May 1, 2011

It dried out on me...

I like brown eye liners because it's not as harsh as black, yet it gives definition to the eyes that looks natural. I got this dark brown felt tip eye liner by Physicians Formula awhile back at CVS during their 75% off clearance sale. I was very excited to try it out because it's been awhile since I used a brown eye liner. To my disappointment, this product did not work for me at all.

"Ultra easy-to-use felt-tip eyeliner pen for bold lining. Perfectly defined look of a liquid eyeliner without the mess. Lasts for 24 hours and removes easily with any eye makeup"

Sigh...there really isn't much to say since I only got got a couple of uses out of it.

What I don't like:
- This product dried out really fast. It didn't even make it across the lid before drying out O_o. 
- I had to draw short strokes across the lash line in order to get a decent line. Then I had to do another pass to make the line look solid. I don't have all day to do this, so it was really annoying.
-The staying power was just okay. Not 24 hours as promised *shakes head*.

What I like:
- Once I got the line I wanted, the color is actually gorgeous and very natural.
- The pen-like packaging is cool. It makes application a breeze.

Here's what it look on my eyes. It's a nice brown shade.

The shade and packaging were not enough to make me like this product.It just dried out way too fast. There are many drugstore eye liners that are better than this, so skip this one.

price: $6.99
availabilty: drugstores. I got mine at CVS


  1. Thank you so much for this review. Sad it didn't work out for you. Been wanting to try this brand a lot. Do they have any products that you recommend? :)

    Xoxo Christine

  2. Aww that's'a pitty that this liner is too dry :( because i'm agree with you, this is a very pretty brown shade. It's'not easy to find a good liner pen when we can't try it before buy it.

    I am looking for a eyeliner too brown and black which is easy to draw and which last very very long time :3 but i don't know which one to try.

  3. I loved this eyeliner (in black) for a few days - I could wing my eyeliner perfectly with this cause of the amount of control the felt tip gave me. Too bad mine dried up in a few days. It's a shame cause I paid full price lol. You're lucky you got it for 75% off

  4. Well thats dissapointing if its going to dry out after two or three uses not worth the price!

  5. Have you tried the physician formula eye booster eyeliner pens. I have it in deep brown and ultra black. It's a fairly new product. I really like it. It isn't very dry and really easy to use. I can't attest for it's eyelash growth properties but overall I like the product. Costs $12 at cvs, if you find it on display $4 off coupon.

  6. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that there will be a few duds in a clearance sale. Sometimes a product is discontinued just to make room for new products, but sometimes it just sucks! This sounds like one of those. lol

    Christine, I like their blushes, there is one that looks marbled that I love. Also the new ones with the hearts on them are adorable and work well too. I'll also be buying the new mascara, it's been getting lots of good reviews. It's the one that looks like a big green leaf, not the one with the little leaf on top, (that one doesn't work well) the whole thing looks like a leaf on the new one. And if you like cream liners, everyone who has tried them loves the liner trios by physicians formula.