Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Lasted for 6 hours...L'Oreal HiP Liquid Lip Color Before and After

I love a good lippie that last and doesn't dry out my lips. I wore the L'Oreal HiP liquid lip color in Arresting (read my review HERE) at work the other day, and I was amazed how it lasted on my lips without cracking or drying. I drank water and munched on Twix and Chexmix every hour or so, and the color was still on. It lasted for about 6 hours before I had to reapply.

I prepped my lips with a good lip balm.

Before. Newly applied liquid lip color fresh from the tube!

After. What it looks like after 6 hours of wear. The color faded a little and the gloss completely disappeared, but it left a beautiful light magenta stain with a slight shine. No dry feeling too. 

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What do you guys think?


  1. Ohmigosh, that's a gorgeous color! Did you apply and gloss/balm during the 6 hours and if so, did it seem to wear down the color? I like that the color stayed for so long but I know me; I'd want to apply some gloss for the "feel."

  2. Such a beautiful color, i love it ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  3. Yes, my husband has a website. He primarily does photography. He's a wonderful artist. :)

  4. oh wow, bravo! i need to get some of that, it's on sale/clearance at ulta...seems to work VERY well!

  5. Im not a fan of such colors, to scared that it will not fit my NC42 skin tone. but you were able to pull it beautifully. :)

  6. Absolutely love this colour on you
    Check out my blog for my new post on an orange NYX lipstick


    P.S love your blog!!!

  7. beautiful color, especially on such a lovely face :)))

  8. love the color! :) it looks great on you.
    i need a new lippie that won't die on me as well. i'll give this a try. thanks for sharing!

    much love,

  9. That's pretty impressive! The dream really is long-lasting color minus the drying, so that's fantastic that this performed well.