Monday, May 9, 2011

It makes my lashes super duper loooong!!! NYX Doll Eye Long Lash mascara.

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, then you should know that I love NYX cosmetics. They make awesome quality and very affordable makeup. My favorites are the single eye shadows, round lipsticks, round lipglosses, blushes and mascaras. OMG, if you guys don't know, NYX makes amazing mascaras. They're called the Doll Eye mascara. They come in 3 kinds: Long Lash, Volume and Waterproof. I own one in Long Lash and I love it! It gives my lashes some serious length, and I don't even need to apply fake lashes.

What I like:
-The formula. It's thick but not goopy and doesn't clump my lashes.
-I love the brush/wand that curves in the middle. It's my first time trying a mascara with this kind of brush and it's doing an amazing job in combing, separating and coating every lash, even the tiny ones.
-I love the "Doll Eye" effect that it gives my lashes. It makes them really long and I don't feel the need to apply false lashes whenever I use it.
-It holds the curl very well. I wear this a lot at my other work, and I'm constantly on my feet moving and running around lol. My lashes stayed perfectly curled.
-It doesn't flake.

What I don't like:
-Price. It retails for $9. It's a bit a expensive compare to other drugstore brands, but since it's amazing, it's definitely worth it.

I like to take my time whenever I apply mascara. I apply lots of coats until all my lashes get really black. I also like to curl it one more time after application to get better results. Don't worry, it won't chop off your lashes. I've been doing this trick for years and my lashes are just fine. 

I highly recommend this mascara. It doesn't clump or flake and it will give you the most prettiest "doll eye" lashes ^_^]. You're gonna love it!

price: $6-9

Don't forget to add this to your shopping cart  for NYX 12th Anniversary sale!


  1. wow! your post title made me jump to checkout the mascara! Made your lashes SUPER LONG!!!!

  2. I always used to curl my lashes after applying mascara but it always got mascara on my curler & I had to reapply my eyeliner.

  3. I'm also obsessed with NYX, as you probably know =) I've never tried the mascara, but it looks really good!

  4. Nice! It does give your lashes a lot of length! :D

  5. I see the huge difference it made on your lashes! They look luscious! :P

  6. Wow!! I can see the difference ;) I apply the mascara very careful too, I take my time. Then I curl my eyelashes again, and the results are much better and the curl lasts lot of hours. I think I can find that mascara in here ;)
    Thanks for the review Becky. Your eyelashes looks great with this Nyx mascara ;)

  7. omg damn i just put an order in for cherryculture a few days ago :( :(
    shall def buy this next time! thanks for the review! :)

  8. Oh my!! What a difference!! Thanks for that review:)

  9. i bought this mascara last year and i loved it. I had to get it from the us though so i havent gotten round to getting another tube. I love the length it gave my lashes


  10. I love this mascara! Reminds me I should buy another tube.

  11. mascara's have been my current obsession lately, so I'm gonna have to pick this up asap! thanks and it looks gorgeous on you ;-)

  12. love their line, never saw the mascara before! lovely results