Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review/Photos: MAC powder blush in Gingerly

 I never thought I would love this blush because it looks a bit dark in the pan and thought it would never work with my NC42-44 skin tone. But it does and it looks really pretty. It's a nice neutral (peachy brown) shade that adds warmth to my face. It goes with any eye makeup and lip color I use. It's now my go to blush, and I love it. 

WHO: All Skin Types

WHAT: MAC Powder Blush in Gingerly
  • shade: Gingerly- described as a capri bonze on the MAC cosmetics website. To me, it looks like a peachy browish shade.
  • finish: sheertone- micro refined pressed powder.
  • texture: smooth with a slight creaminess. Very luxurious.
  • price: $19.50

WHEN: Permanent

HOW: Using a fluffy blush brush, smile and dab it on the apple of the cheeks and brush it upwards towards the temple. You can also use it as a contour color on the eyes. Just use a fluffy blending brush and apply it on the crease for a slight definition on the eyes.

What it looks like on me. 

Not Your Everyday Work Makeup Look. Click HERE to see more.

Black and Burgundy makeup look. Click HERE to see more photos.

Bronzey Summer Makeup. Click HERE to see more photos.

Do you own this blush? If you don't then I highly recommend that you get it when you get a chance.  It's neutral so it goes with any skin tone. Just keep in mind that it's quite pigmented for a sheer blush, so don't dip your brush too hard in the pan or you'll end up using too much product. The only drawback I could say is the price. We all know MAC blushes are expensive, but it's a great quality product that's worth every penny.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in all the pics!!! I went to buy Gingerly and ended up getting Sincere. They are both kinda similar shades. Try it'll look amazing on u :)

  2. i just want to say that you are very pretty. also, i am a big fan of this blush. :) i'm an nc30-35 so i was scared of it, but when i swatched it, it looks stunning.

    love your blog!

  3. it looks really good on you! I hope this will look good on my nc15-20 skin tone..:)

    stay pretty girl! :)

  4. This color is beautiful! I love that it has a touch of peach without being overly bright.

  5. You look stunningly gorgeous, especially the last pic. The blush adds so much warmth and softness to your look :)

  6. this is a really beautiful color!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested! They have the most adorable products :)

    xo Ashley

  7. look gorgeous..

    I am also an NC 42..Will try this at the store next time for sure..Currently I am loving the SUR from MAC Mickey Contractor collection

  8. That is gorgeous! This just might be the next blush I'll purchase thanks to you. =)

  9. I don't own it.. But now I wanna! =P

    Looks super pretty on you hun.. Kinda reminds of MAC's Pinch Me but lighter.. Really nice.. thanks for sharing =)

  10. The blush looks gorgeous on you!

    I own the blush too and it's one of my favorites in the summer time. I'm usually NC 20-25 (NC 30 when I'm VERY tan), and this color is the perfect color to give my a bronzy glow with a hint of color.

    Also, quick fact- I got this blush because I read that Kim Kardashian uses this blush to give her skin that nice glow and color!

  11. It's a nice color, I don't own it, but will invest in it when I'm done my current blush :D

  12. I love Gingerly, it's one of my fave blushes from Mac. It looks very pretty on you :)

  13. I was getting gingerly.. But I put it back. :| This makes me want to go get it now! Looks BEAUTIFUL on you!

  14. Such a pretty color! Looks so great on you!

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