Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sneak Peek: BeautiControl Cosmetics

One of the fun things of being  a makeup junkee is the fact that all my friends and family trust me with their makeup and beauty questions. I love talking about makeup, and I love the fact that I get to share what I know. The other day, my cousin gave me some makeup by BC Color/BeautiControl. It was given to her by a friend. She wanted me to try it out to see what I think, before she can use it. Cool! I hope I don't end up liking them too much or else I will have a hard time letting them go lol.

I've never heard of BeautiControl before, so I did a little bit of research online and here's what I found: (Taken from the BeatiControl website)

"BeautiControl is a beauty company that specializes in Spa treatments,Personalized skin care and Advanced Anti-aging products (SPA) through a unique at-home spa experience with an unmatched income opportunity."
"Our beauty company supports more than 140,000 Independent Consultants who are building and living a life they love by sharing the opportunity, providing exclusive services, and revolutionary skin care, spa and cosmetic products with women throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada."

They carry bath and body products, skincare and makeup for men and women.

Here are some of the products they carry. Visit BeautiControl to see more.

Here's the makeup I got from my cousin.

Mineral Shadow Trio in Sandstone 15031

Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish Foundation  in N2 

Mineral Lip Color in SOHO

I'll do a review if of all these products very soon, so watch out for it. 

If you want more information on BeautiControl and to see more products, you can visit  their website BeautiControl.com

Disclosure: These products were given to me my a family member for review purposes ^_^


  1. Can't wait for the swatches of these items :D

  2. This cosmet looks fine ;)
    You've got nice friends hehehe you are the "make up tester" for her, I like it! Let us know what you think about this brand ;)

  3. hmmm, The trio eyeshadow and lipstick packaging looks very similar to NYX's.

  4. i haven't heard of this brand but the shadow and the lip color looks promising :) i'd love to give it a try soon.

    by the way, if it won't take so much of your time, i need your help. please visit my blog for more details. thank you!

    much love,

  5. I have never heard of them- thanks for letting me know Becky!

  6. I have never heard about this brand before, need to check them out ^^

    Xoxo Christine

  7. Believe it or not, BeautiControl was the first kind of makeup that I started using. lol. My sister and my mom were representatives. It didn't break me out when I was younger. =)

  8. very nice selection you have there, it is like you have all that i want.

  9. I like this items when they can be carried almost everywhere you go. Since they can just be placed inside your bag when you are traveling to other places.

  10. I sell Beauticontrol. I love the product. Let me know if you need anything I can get it to you. I will have to ship it to you because I am not very local. Give me a call or email if you want to something or have questions.
    NO Joke just trying to help people out who don't know where to go for a Beautifontrol Representative.