Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birchbox#6: Laura Geller, Kate Spade, Nuxe, Sircuit Cosmeceuticals, Deborah Lippmann

Just got my June's Birchbox today! Like always, Birchbox never fails to excite me. I feel like it's my birthday every month! The theme for June is TRAVEL. Included are hand picked vacation-ready products that will make a girl look fresh and pretty where ever they may be.

As always, every Birchbox I get is nicely packaged. 

Kate Spade Twirl. Again, I've said it many times that I'm not a perfume person. However, I appreciate it everytime Birchbox includes a sample of the latest perfume in the market.

Laura Geller Baked Blush n' Brighten. I was so excited when I saw it. It's my first Laura Geller blush. You can use it as a blush to warm the cheeks or highlighter to add glow to the face. Super pretty! 

It reminds me of MAC Miniralized Skin Finish blushes/highlighters.

NUXE Ultra Comfortable Body Cream. Never heard of this brand before. According to Birchbox it has natural honey and macadamia nut oil to moisturize the skin. It smells amazingly delicious!

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist. I'm excited to try this out. It's like MAC's Fix+, but better!!!

Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go Nail Lacquer Removers. According to Birchbox, "It erases polish without drying out nails." I'm not a nail polish girl, so I will give it to a friend ^_^

Overall, I'm happy with this month's Birchbox. For only $10, I got all these awesome samples. I can't wait to try them out!

If you want your own Birchbox simply go to their website and sign up.

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  1. Why are baked blushes so gorgeous?? I'd love to see an FOTD of you wearing that blush from LG. :)

  2. Do they ship here in the Philippines? I want to subscribe too!

  3. wow we got the same exact box this month! Don't you love the Laura Geller compact?!? This month is definitely my favorite birchbox! Enjoy the new goodies ^_^

  4. Very nice! I just found about this birchbox since I posted about the Canadian version "luxebox"!

    I was introduced to Nuxe recently I love the line. Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  5. Great birchbox this month! I loved mine. You got a really pretty blush =)

  6. Love love love the Blush it's sooo pweettiii!

  7. Ohhh la la!

    Cannot wait to get mine.

  8. I love this birchbox stuff, why don't we have this kind of things in Spain??? Why???? LOL
    Have fun with your new products ;)