Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Easy Button Ring Tutorial by PinkDotties!

Hey guys, do you want to learn how to make the cutest button ring? Well, you're in luck because here is a super easy DIY button ring tutorial by my new friend Karla. Karla is one of the most creative person I know. She makes the most awesome and original jewelries and accessories for herself and her online store on Etsy, which you can find HERE. Her stuff is really beautiful and unique, so I highly suggest that you visit her store.

I hope you guys like this tutorial and if you want more information, just visit Karla's blog and follow her!

Karla is going to provide a giveaway to all of my friends/readers, so watch out for it. It's going to be exciting!


  1. the ring looks really funky and cute! :D

    much love,

  2. uber cute!
    btw, I gave you an award.

  3. Super cute idea! Lately I've been trying to get more maybe I'll try this out one day. :] Thanks for this!

  4. Wow, great idea!!;D Thanks for sharing:)