Sunday, June 19, 2011

FOTN: Color Blocking Using MAC Pigments

The fashion trend this Summer is "Color Blocking". It's a combination of two or more solid colors that compliments each other in an outfit. Now, I may not have all kinds of bold and bright colors in my closet to rock a cool color blocking outfit such as ReallyPetite and LoveLifeFashion, but I can always do it with makeup. I can mix and match any bright eye shadow/lip colors to create a fun "Color Blocking" makeup look.

For example, I created this makeup look using bright yellow all over the eye lids, aqua teal on the lower lash line, then paired them with some pink lips. It's a fun look to sport this Summer. I think anyone can rock it as long as you have the confidence. I wore this look last night to the L.A. Film Festival and got a few compliments from younger women and the rest were weird "wtf" stares from guys haha...

All the colors I used on my eyes are by MAC. Partylicious pigment (aqua-teal with green/teal shimmers), Primary Yellow pigment (matte true yellow) and Shroom (satin champagne beige) eye shadow. Man, I don't even remember the last time I used all MAC on my eyes lol. You know me, I like to mix high end and low end, but I have these MAC pigments that I haven't tried, so I had to give it some love. It was my first time using them and they were amazing. I just had to be really careful when I opened the container because it can get messy.

False Lashes are ES A24 provided by These criss cross lashes are fun and dramatic. They are optional, but I like using them because it completes the look.

Products used:

eyes :
-MAC pigment in Primary Yellow
-MAC pigment in Partylicious
-MAC eye shadow in Shroom
-Prestige liquid eye liner in Black
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in Ebony
-ES false lashes A24

-MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 42
-Almay Line Smoothing concealer in Medum. Review/Swatch here.

-Milani single eye shadow in Rich Chocolate
-Milani Mosaic blush in Afterglow. Review/Swatch here.

-MAC blush in Gingerly. Review/Swatch here.
-Milani Mosaic blush in Afterglow. Review/Swatch here.

-EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Review here.
-Wet n Wild lip liner in Willow. Review here.
-Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink About It. Review/Swatch here.

Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink About It on my lips

I hope you like this look.

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  1. Nice! I love the colors. =) Reminds me of a sunny day at the beach. Haha.


  2. GOSH! That's awesoooome! I really wanna try it. It looks so beautiful and it's perfect for summer! Thanks for the inspiration! (:

  3. Ohhh la la is right as you're album title!

    Love it!

  4. Wow the bright colours really suit you xx

  5. Gorgeous, I can never get my MAC Primary Yellow pigment to work with me grrrr

  6. You look beautiful in brights! I love your camera quality!

  7. gorgeous look!! I'm diggin bright colors lately!! =)

  8. Becky this is an awesome eye makeup!! I'm glad you didn't let the guys faze you. They don't understand color, much less blocking. lol

  9. This is very pretty, I have a sample of that yellow pigment and have yet to use it. I love how it just pops.

  10. OMG you look soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the yellow eye shadow!!

  11. I love this look! so bright and colorful ♥
    reminds me of macaw parrot =P

  12. WOW!! Believe when I say not everyone can wear this.
    You look fab with bright colors, I love how it looks on you, because you've got a great skin color, but I can't see myself wering it :(
    kisses Becky!!

  13. Yellow is my favourite colour this season and it looks absolutely divine on your eyes.
    New follower! Hope you can follow back:

  14. pretty pretty pretty! I wish I can also pull off this kind of look. hehe

  15. ohh that pop of yellow looks amazing and I really like that lip shade on you! xoxo

  16. suuuuuuuuuuper pretty look!!! i love yellow :)))

  17. Awesome combo! I LOVE bright colors for the summer. Feeling very inspired. Gonna wear yellow e/shadow to the office tomorrow ;)

  18. These colors make you look exotic!
    I don't think I could pull of yellow eyeshadow, I'd look like I have hepatitis or something.

  19. pretty lady you are, great look becky!

  20. I love the yellow and aqua! So gorgeous on you, I love your blog :)