Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swatches/Photos: NYX Round Lip Gloss...discontinued.

My NYX Round Lip Gloss Collection

1. Real Nude -Mauvy nude
2. Peach -coral peach with silver shimmers
3. Frosted Plum- reddish plum with gold and purple shimmers
4. Doll Pink- fuschia with slight purple shimmers
5. Wild Orchid- purple plum with purple shimmers
6. Clear
7. Queen of Africa- blue purple with blue shimmers
8. Pink- bright pink with silver shimmers
9. Brown Tropez -metallic champagne bronze
10. Bronze- copper bronze with silver and gold shimmers
11. Pinky Natural -nude pink

Real Nude, Peach, Queen of Africa, Doll Pink Clear, Frosted Plum

Bronze, Pink, Wild Orchid, Brown Tropez, Pinky Natural

Some swatches on my lips...

                                   Doll Pink

                                           Real Nude

I'm a big fan of NYX cosmetics and I've been loving the NYX Round Lip Glosses ever since I started playing with makeup. For $2-3, you get a beautiful variety of colors, awesome pigmentation (just look at the swatches on my lips), and smooth silky texture. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the applicator and scent. The doe-foot applicator is a bit flimsy and scent is like a strong bathroom cleaner. But it quickly goes away though, so it's not so bad. I'm a bit sad that NYX discontinued them, but they're still available for $2 at Cherry Culture, so you can still get them ^_^

price: $2-3

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  1. That is just sad to know... I love the round lipgloss from NYX. I hope they change their mind and bring back this line anyway. :(

  2. It's a shame they're discontinued, I literally loved each and every one of them on you. :/

  3. Love the shades and swatches :) Glad to know they're still available at cherry culture ^_^

  4. thank you darling ! have a nice day , xoxooo

  5. I didn't know they were discontinued - figures, I didn't see them on the sale... womp :/

  6. Some colors are great, but the smell is just awful! lol I prefer the Mega Shine glosses over these.

  7. I want the real nude and Queen of Africa ones!

  8. Based on your swatches, a lot of them look very similar to the Mega Shine glosses. I think that's why they were ultimately discontinued.

  9. A couple of years ago I totally stocked up on these!! Lol, can't beat the price for such a great variety of colors.

  10. I like the Queen of Africa one!!! So pretty!

  11. wow! you have a lot of nyx gloss :) love everything here!

    much love,

  12. I love the pinky natural color the best- so pretty! Wow- I wonder what your makeup collection looks like:)

  13. this was SUPER helpful! i have been eyeing these glosses for ages but now i know the brown tropez is the way to go! thanks doll xo

  14. do u shop online often? i'm always hesitant because i feel like it is cheaper to just buy in stores then have to deal with shipping and handling! ..... i hear about often though so maybe i am missing out...

  15. The colours look great! I've never picked one up, but for $2 why not :D

  16. Hey hun, I wanted to let you know Vera from "Makeup Critic" has used this post about you as her latest "this is what you don't do" example. She's been pretty rotten to a few people, and I wanted to let you know before you may have happened across it yourself.
    I'm sorry you're her target this week.
    You can find her crappy blog here.