Friday, July 29, 2011

NYC City Duet Eye Shadow Duo Collection + Swatches

Here are all the NYC City Duet eye shadow duos I own plus swatches. These duos have colors that compliment each other to create an eye makeup look. You can get them at your local drugstores for only $2.99.

Island Sunset
Matte pink and purple duo
This is my favorite out of all the duos. The color pay off is awesome.


Here's what it looks like on my eyes. You can use the purple all over the lids and pink on the crease for a dramatic purple smoky eyes. See more photos of this look HERE.

Pink all over the lids and purple on the outer corner and crease. See more photos HERE.

Bowling Green
Satin Lime Green and Matte Blue Green duo
The color pay off is pretty good, but I suggest to apply these wet to achieve brighter colors.

I used the lime green eye shadow on this bright Summer makeup look. I applied it wet all over my lids. See more photos HERE.

NYC Times
Matte White and Black duo
This is my least favorite out of all the duos. I'm not too happy with the color because it's too chalky and the black eye shadow is not a true black. It's more of a dark grey.

Upper Zest Side
Matte bright Yellow and Orange duo.
These have good pigmentation, but I suggest apply it wet for more intensity.

Yankee Blues
Satin Baby Blue and Periwinkle blue duo

I used it on my lower lash line for a fun pop of color. See more photos HERE.

Have you tried any NYC City Duet eye shadow duos?
How do you like them?

Disclosure: Everything was purchased with my own money.


  1. I only saw these at my local Kmart and they didn't have all the was a pretty small and empty display.I didn't any,but I might now hehe

  2. Wow, that first pink/purple duo is awesome! Thanks for the review. I just saw these at my Walmart yesterday and was curious.

  3. OMG are these new? I don't think I've ever seen them before! I can't believe how pretty some of them look. Thanks for the swatches!

  4. Wow. Im speechless. You are beyond gorgeous girl. Thank you for the review and wonderful looks you did using those lil palettes! Amazing!

  5. My favorite is the first one.. I cannot believe you achieved that look with those two colors. Gorgeous beyond belief!! :)

  6. damn the color pay off is freaking amazing! i want the upper zest side ^^!!!! :D

  7. I haven't tried any of these...but I remember seeing your post about the purple and pink one and now when I see these duos, I always think of you. XD Great buy for that extra POP of color. You wear them so nicely too. :D

  8. love that pink and puple looks great !!! I'm going to try to do it tomorrow

  9. Wow, these look amazing and you look stunning :)
    Wish we had those here, need to look online :)

    Love Christine ♥

  10. I've seen them at Kmart and I always take Sunset Island but then leave it; now I regret it because it looks so pretty. I'll also like to get Upper Zest Side, don't have anything like this in my collection. The looks are all gorgeous :D

  11. These are lovely, and your eye makeup never fails to amaze me..

  12. I've been wondering about these, thanks for the review :))) I'll probably be picking up the first one, I like purples.

  13. I will definitely be picking those up....thanks!!

  14. I remember seeing the Bowling Green one in CVS for only $1.99. Darn. I should've picked it up. Unfortunately, the local CVS discontinued NYC products. Thank goodness, Walmart and Target still have them. :D The shadows you have are gorgeous and look really bold and pigmented. Upper Zest Side look like spot-on MAC dupes for Orange and Goldenrod. :D

    Yup, my man and I are in a long-distance relationship. Luckily it's only a two hour difference. I do miss him often, but I'm happy we get to see each other once, twice, or even thrice a month despite the distance. :)

    Thanks for the compliment on the maxi dress too. So sweet of you. :) Thanks also for sharing these NYC duos with us as well as the gorgeous looks using them. Happy weekend. :D

  15. These are so pretty.. I've seen them before but didn't pay 'em much mind. I really love Island Sunset and Yankee Blues.. gonna have to seek those out next time I make a drugstore run!

  16. wow firstly your gorgeous second the 2 pink/purple options look fab on you!

  17. LOVE the duos. WOW! Thanks for the lovely makeup you did. you look beautiful in all :) <3

  18. Amazing :) most beautiful blog i have ever seen