Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spotted at BigLots: ELF, Wet n Wild, Eco Tools, Jordana, Maybelline, Almay, Black Radiance

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just want to share with you all the makeup products I spotted at my local Big Lots yesterday. I was very excited when I found a  lot of drugstore makeup, especially Wet n Wild and ELF. Most came in a set under $5. They are great gifts for your friends, family members or yourself!

These photos were taken with my iPhone so the quality sucks O_o.

The first thing I saw was a huge display of all kinds of flavored lip balms. I've seen and sniffed all kinds, but I've never seen Peeps, a vanilla Marshmallow Cream scented lip balm. It sounds delicious doesn't it? I love Peeps! My family buys them for Easter for the children, but I'm the only one who really eats them ^_^.

a huge display of Wet n Wild, ELF, Eco Tools and other makeup brands.

This Mega Brilliance lip glosses are sooo pretty isn't it? You can see the multi colored shimmers in them.

So coo to find the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trios.

There were a lot of super cheap eye shadow palettes.


8 lipsticks for $5. What a steal!





Canus Goat's Milk Body Wash. If you guys don't know, Canus have been around for a long time and they specialize in skin care products rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fresh goat's milk. I've tried their goat milk bar soap before and I like it a lot. It's creamy and refreshing.

Go to your local Big Lots and hopefully, you can spot the same stuff ^_^


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  1. L'Oreal Voluminous!!! Oh jeez, you're so lucky to have those stuff there + they're inexpensive.

  2. 1st your Big Lots is wayyy cleaner and organized than mine hehe 2nd I find a few things here and there in my Big Lots but NOTHING like this heeheh great find :)

  3. OMG.....Im running to my local Big Lots!! Thanks;)

  4. My nearest Big Lots isn't filled w/ goodies like yours, and any makeup items are usually opened and tested (i.e. trashed & non-salable)! O_o

  5. Gosh, that's some great stuff at your BL!

  6. Oh my goodness, awesome finds at BigLots! I haven't been to a BigLots in so long since the one by my house closed a lot time ago. May have to venture out some day and visit...heh heh.

  7. Wow...that is amazing! I have never seen a store like are so lucky!

  8. Thank you SO much for the heads up! I went the day I saw this post and picked out the Black Radiance lipgloss kit and the Wet'n'Wild kit. All the lipglosses are AWESOME and I've always wanted to try Wet'n'Wild's blush sticks - they're SO pretty! My mom picked out E.L.F.'s Beauty Book in neutral which is beautiful. We also found these little travel brush kits that only cost a dollar but are AMAZING! I am shocked at the quality; they're incredibly soft!

  9. WOW those prices feel like heaven! lol
    In Canada we have a similar store called Winners, but the prices are still not THAT good!

    Drop by blog
    Lots of love,