Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes To Blueberries Age Fresh Brightening Eye Roller

Hey guys, I just got an email from Yes To, and I'm excited to inform you that they just released their new product Yes To Blueberries Age Fresh Brightening Eye Roller. If you don't know, the Yes to Blueberries is created to fight the signs of aging and this product is a great addition to the line.

Yes To says, "Yes To Blueberries Brightening Eye Roller contains a light, refreshing serum applied under the eyes and around the orbital bone using circular motions to brighten, refresh, and reduce dark circles. This blend includes Horse Chestnut, a natural botanical that helps improve the appearance of dark circles by stimulating circulation and blood flow, along with Bearberry Extract, an anti-oxidant rich botanical that helps brighten dark circles by inhibiting melanin production. Now whip out this little wand and say buh-bye to pesky dark circles!"

What do you guys think? 

Visit if you want to purchase this product.


  1. love the make up you did its pretty, check me out at

  2. hmmm very interesting! I love their carrots line:]

  3. Wow, interesting product line! Sadly not available here locally :( And blueberries have high anti aging properties so I guess this product should do it's magic! - Mar
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  4. Interesting! I really like to try always a new one. :)