Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Carmex Lip Balm (Lime Twist or Vanilla) at Walgreens

Guess what my new obsession is? Coupons! Ever since I saw an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC, I've been wanting to be a couponer too. These "Extreme Couponers" have learned the simple basics of the coupon system and used that to save them a whole lot of money on grocery and drugstore products. It's amazing! They have a lot of short clips on youtube, so I suggest you check them out if you haven't seen it.

So I've been collecting coupons for almost a month now and I went to Walgreens today and matched some of the coupons I have with their sales.

Here's what I got...

I got this Carmex Lime Twist lip balm for FREE
Here's how:
Buy it for the retail price of $1.50 and you get $1.50 Register Rewards that prints out right after you pay. It's like I just got my money back and it's like paying $0. You can get back in line and pick up the same product and use your register reward right away or you can wait for another day. They have short expiration date so prefer using on the same day so I won't forget. 

I also got these 2 Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening toothpaste for FREE!
Here's how:
They are currently on sale for 2/$5. I used a $1 off Crest coupons that I got on the Sunday paper for each toot paste which brings the total to $3. Then I got $3 Register Reawards back, which pretty much makes the total $0. It's like paying nothing. Again, I can use that Register Rewards on another transaction.

I used my $3 Register Rewards from purchasing Crest Toothpaste towards these Vanity Fair Dinner paper plates. They retail $4.99 and are currently on sale for BuyOneGetOne Free. I also used a 55cents off Vanity Fair Coupon that I got in the Sunday newspaper.
So $4.99- $3= $1.99- 55cents is $1.44
I could have used my $1.50 Register Rewards from my Carmex purchase, but I plan on going back to Walgreens and use it towards another Carmex lip balm.

I hope I didn't confuse you guys lol.

Visit the following websites for sale alerts and more info on how to use coupons. They will explain it better than I do lol.

There are more websites and blogs that talks about coupons. These are just the two websites I visit a lot.


  1. So its pretty much a buy one get one? Thats awesome I need to start doing that haha

  2. Nice! I love couponing.. I got into it after watching the first episode of extreme couponing.. now I never buy anything at regular retail! lol

  3. I absolutely love the Carmex click-sticks. They are so flavorful and don't taste disgusting like the original Carmex pot does!
    I'm going to have to try this lime one, though. I have the cherry and its delectable!

  4. Girl you are the bomb.. you keep all the tips i love using coupons and saving money.. Thank you

  5. Dang! This is awesome, Becky!!! Especially these days...gotta save in however way we can! Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  6. I love Carmex I were is almost everyday, I would like to try that out!
    xoxo, Chantel

  7. Bargain! I didn't know they had lime flavored Carmex, looks yummy (:

  8. ahh!! no way! lol :D we both read the krazycouponlady too! :D I'm so excited! haha

  9. hey
    wow, i really like ya blog. its amazing.

    btw- can you please follow me?

  10. haha thats aesome. i lvoe free things and i love carmex. wish canada had a walgreens!

  11. Wow... Great free stuff... I value your having time to speak about this and I love using coupons and saving money!