Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Photos...

...of my cousin's wedding, not mine lol. I posted a photo of Kiko and I on Facebook and people thought that we got married lol. People are too funny. If we ever get married, we will happily announce it and not hide it from everyone.

 Anyway, as promised here are some of my favorite photos from the wedding..Enjoy!

I'm one of the bridesmaid ^_^

I'm standing behind the maid of honor. She's super tall or I'm just super short haha...

Here is the handsome ring bearer, my nephew Momo. He's only 3 years old. He surprised everyone with this wits and smiles while walking down the aisle. We honestly thought he was going to run away lol. But he did a great job!

My niece Ysabella and I waiting. I did her hair and makeup. Click HERE if you want to see more a closer look of the makeup.

I really like this candid photo. We look cool.

My family. I love this photo too. From the left...my nieces Alexandra, Elizabeth, my nephew Momo, my auntie Abeng, grandma and my mom.

My cousin Maryanne and her new husband Manny. Such a cool pic.

My cousin Joshua and I doing our little dance for the grand entrance ^_^. I switched to my black flats as soon as we got to the reception. My peep toe heels were really nice, but they hurt my feet so much lol.

This is an exciting event for my cousin Maryanne as well as a new life with her husband. I'm so happy for her.


  1. What beautiful photos and you do look wonderful!

  2. What a beautiful wedding ! I love the color of your dress !!!

    I'm glad to see you grandmother looks well ! You have a beautiful family !!

    Xoxo Jess

  3. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures of this special day. =)

  4. Becky, you never fail to look so fresh and stunning! Gaaaah...

    Thanks for sharing the pics...like I was there myself. And Momo looks cute but I know he's a naughty little guy c/o photos 4 and 5. Ysabella looks great too!

  5. wow, it looked like SUCH a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your cousin :]

  6. What a beautiful wedding I loved the colors the bridesmaids look great and the groomsmen looked hip w the jackets. But Momo stole the show what a cutie!

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    What a lovely blog. Your cousin's wedding looked very beautiful!
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    Have a wonderful day!

    Jessica & Holly

  8. Thanks for sharing your cousin's wedding photos, everything looks amazing, she is such a beautiful bride. I love Momo's picture while waving to the crowd - super gwaping! Your dress and bouquet were beautiful too. Love everything! - Mar
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  9. Everyone looks so nice!!! Loved the pictures! Looks like you had a ball of a time!! :D I thought you and the bridesmaid were standing very far apart! haha

  10. What a perfect wedding!! I loved the dress, the family, everything looks so good. You are stunning in your dress and you all look so happy and funny. Great party!!
    Thanks for sharing Becky :)

  11. Gorgeous photos!! I love that she went with chocolate brown bridesmaids dresses and they are they are super fun and flirty. :-) good luck to them!!

    We just found your blog and are now following. We would love for you to visit our blog and follow back if you like.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. Love the pics & you are stunning <3 it looks like a really lovely wedding...

  13. lovely pix!!! looks like a super fun wedding :)) you look absolutely darling!!

  14. awe.....you look amazing Becky! Love the dress on you and your hair and makeup- flawless!!!!! Photos look great! I love weddings!

  15. You look flawless along with everyone in your family! Love these pictures. Congrats to them! I love anything that is related to wedding. teehee.

  16. thanks for sharing! I love looking at wedding pics!

  17. the wedding pictures are all great! And you look pretty! :)