Sunday, September 11, 2011

Outfit: Kiko danced with me for the first time...

...Thanks to all his co workers and their wives pressuring him to do so lol. He finally danced with public! We went to a Mexican wedding last night with lots of food, music and dancing. My Kiko never ever dance. He might playfully dance with me in the car, but other than that, dancing to him is unheard of. However, I love to dance. I may not be the best dancer, but I like to think that I'm good at going along with the music and just have fun. We danced to Banda, a traditional Mexican music with accordion and percussions, which I'm not really a big fan of, and laughed so hard because we really didn't know the proper way to dance it. But we tried and it was definitely GOOD TIMES!

I wore a nude dress with a black blazer. I was unable to fit in this dress for the longest time, and it felt so good to able to zip up the back without a struggle lol. It's very lightweight and I really like the lace detail on the front. I thought of wearing a black cardigan, but changed my mind and wore a black blazer instead. It gave the outfit a formal yet sophisticated and chic look. 

I kept it simple with the accessories. I wore a chunky dark gray bangle stretch bracelet and 2 necklaces (1 long and 1 short). 

blazer: Ann Taylor $158
dress: Bought at Macy's $11
purse: Ann Taylor $128
shoes: Bought at DSW $49.99
necklace: Tiffany & Co (Free as gift)
necklace: Forever 21 $8
bangle stretch bracelet: Forever 21 $10

Here are some of the photos from the wedding.

I hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. My significant other almost never dances either :)
    Your dress is simply gorgeous.

  2. Love your outfit and I know ya'll had a great time. You know how men are they always bust a move in the oddest places.

  3. Your soo pretty, I love the layering of the necklaces! And such a great turn out that Kiko has finally danced with you after all those years! I'm sure you just keep him in his toes girl! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  4. I am loving the blazer! Cute outfit!

  5. great outfit !!! your accesoriezed it just perfect =)

  6. you both look very appropiated for a wedding day :)
    I'm glad Kiko finally had the guts to dance in public hahahaha I still didn't do that.
    can you believe my hubby and I didn't dance in our own wedding?' yes, we are rare ppl. LOL
    I loved your dress, blazer and everuthing Becky. You always know how to wear for a special day.
    kisses lovely!

  7. Yay for you! Your outfit is so ladylike and lovely. You look fab.

  8. Love your outfit and your hunny looks sharp, its the other way around with me and my hubby. He loves to dance and is soo good at it and I am not so good at it lol. But I try lol.

  9. Awe you look gorgeous Becky! Love your outfit!! :)

  10. loving both looks x


  11. Love the look Becky! I just hope you have a vid or picture of both of you dancing :P

  12. Wow, you have an amazing sense of style! Love it :D

  13. I love the outfit very pretty and girly <3

    xoxo, Chantel

  14. beautiful outfit ,you look amazing! xxx