Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup Look using Drugstore Products

I've been wanting to do this makeup look ever since Kim Kardashian got married. I'm a such a huge fan of her. I think she has the most beautiful face in Hollywood, and I really love her style and makeup. And I don't care what other people say about her...I LOVE HER! She looked so fresh and beautiful on her wedding day. Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic created a nice neutral eye makeup with a little bit of smokiness with peachy pink lips and freakin' pretty! Mario mostly used high end makeup, but for my recreation, I used all affordable products that you can buy at the drugstore.

For the eye shadows, I used NYC Individual Eyes eye shadow palette in Union Square Created for Brown Eyes. I've said it a million times that I love these NYC eye shadow palette. It's all you need to create a gorgeous makeup look. The colors are vibrant, applies smoothly and super easy to blend. It also has a primer that works so well which makes this palette a must have!

I used all these colors except for the purple one on the far right. Matte Beige all over the lids, inner corners and brow bone, Soft Brown above the crease and Bronze on the outer corner and crease.

Products used: All from the drugstore except for the liquid foundation (MAC) and black eye liner (Cargo).

-Rimmel London Fix and Perfect foundation primer
-MAC Studio Fix fluid in NC42
-Almay Bright Eyes eye base/concealer in medium
-Mark Powder Buff foundation in Golden

-NYC Individual Eyes eye shadow palette in Union Square created for Brown Eyes
-Cargo eye liner pencil in black
-Jordana Color Xtend eye liner in Just Pearly
-Maybelline Volum Express Falsies mascara

-Wet n Wild Color Icon blusher in Pearlescent Pink
-Milani Mineral blush MaiTai

-EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit
-Revlon lipstick in Peach

Here is the tutorial

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  2. I love Kim K. too. I don't really know why so many people fret over the fact that she's not the most brilliant person on the planet. So what?

    I think she's gorgeous, and everytime I come across a photo of her I just stare at the make-up, always so perfect and stunning. And I like her style most of the time as well.

    And that look is gorgeous on you! Your blending always seems flawless!

  3. I think you're more stunning than Kim! Your skin finish is perfection!

  4. She looks gorgeous! :)

    And you nailed it, you look like a glowing bride too. I wonder when we'll see your makeup for the big day. :D

  5. Wow this is by far my most favorite Kim K Wedding inspired look. You look so pretty & polished. I definitely want to try out this palette.

  6. I honestly love your skin! It's to-die for!

  7. Honestly I don't like any of the Kardashians, I don't watch the show and I find them all annoying, but she looked super beautiful on her wedding day. So I will definitely be trying this look out, her make up is usually amazing and her wedding day was no different.

  8. I loved her wedding makeup!
    You did an awesome job... I just love staring at your flawless skin. btw, love the last photo very much :D

  9. I love Kardashians their fashion and their ,akeup as well I agree she looked beautiful and fresh faced on ehr wedding day I loved your recreation and I have this pallette on my things to buy now. You have gorgeous skin.

  10. Can I say wow! Your eye makeup is a dead ringer for hers...Well done! And with a drugstore palette to boot. That's a very pretty eyeshadow palette :)

  11. It looks really, really, really pretty on you! ♥

  12. You look great!! Love this tutorial :)

  13. It's beautiful! The funny thing is, that mario used a drugstore eye liner (CG) and you used all drugstore except your liner, hahaha :)

  14. OMG Becky, you look so pretty with this make up.
    you almost made an identical look, I love it.
    You have to visit my blog tomorrow, i'm writting the post, it's a beauty tag and you are nominated to do the same thing :)

  15. You're so gorgeous. Your skin looks amazing. What camera are you using? :D

  16. you did it very well, i love the way Kim had her eyes done, so classy and elegant. And Yow Two ale very similar ;) love that!

  17. i love this tutorial.. so perfect! simple yet so fab!!!
    i love!!!

  18. wow you look gorgeous!
    Love that eye look!

  19. Loving the Kimmie recreation! Stunning x


  20. You are so pretty! I am envious of your glowing skin. I don't know how I missed this post!

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  22. Wow you looks so pretty. I love what you done. Its just awesome.
    Nice look

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  25. Brilliantly executed - just discovered your blog!

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  27. You nailed it.. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your Makeup Tips

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  29. Great post! I love what you did, it is very elegant and beautiful. I think you nailed the kim kardashian look. I was thinking I wanted something similar to this as a bridal makeup idea. Thanks for sharing!

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