Friday, September 9, 2011

Tag: 7 Beauty Sins

 I was tagged by my friend Estefania of  LoveLifeFashion to do a The seven beauty sins tag. It's pretty short and fun so why not do it. By the way, Estefania is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She has a really cool and chic sense of style and I suggest you go follow her.

 1. What is your cheapest beauty product?
-I have a lot of cheap yet really good beauty products. I would have to say my $1 ELF eye shadow duos. 
For their price, they're pretty dang good!

2. What beauty product has made you mad?
-I would have to say Physicians Formula eye liner marker. It was completely dry. So sad O_o.

3What is your most delicious beauty product?
- Let me see...Umm...I really enjoy Philosophy Tangerini high gloss lip shine. 
It smells like orange creamsicles. I wanna eat it! 

4. What beauty product are you very lazy to use?
- Hmmm...Probably those face mask. I have a lot and I hardly ever use them. 

5. What beauty product give you more self-confidence?
- Definitely under eye concealer. It makes me less tired and I feel so much better with it ^_^.

6. What beauty attribute in men,is the most attractive to you?
-Hmmm...Oh man, this is a toughy...I like Kiko's bald head? Not that I'm attracted to men 
with bald head. I just love Kiko's head because it's perfectly round lol.

7. What beauty product would you love to be gifted with?
-Hmmm....Eve Pearl's Salmon concealer.  I've tried it once at IMATS 2 years ago
 and it was amazing. It concealed dark circles and discoloration perfectly.

I encourage everyone to do this TAG!


  1. Oh Becky I loved so much to read your answers :) thank you very much for your sweet words honey, you are lovely :)
    You've got a good taste for flattering make up looks, that compliments your amazing beautiful skin.
    And you always find the best cheap yet great quality stuff at stores.
    Kisses lovely!

  2. Hmmm...Oh man, this is a toughy...I like Kiko's bald head? Not that I'm attracted to men
    with bald head. I just love Kiko's head because it's perfectly round lol. - Haha! I like baldies too but not all baldies. I like the Bruce Willis kinda bald. :D

    Fun tag! I agree with the under eye concealer too.

  3. LOL im totally lazy when it comes to masks to & moisterizing
    love your answers(:

    <3 BB

  4. you are so pretty and you have a nice put together blog!! following ya

    I invite you to check out my blog hope you follow
    Thanks hun,

  5. So I found myself at Walgreens and bought the Carmex lime click stick that you reviewed on! It's delicious and my lips are so soft! I swear by the Carmex chapstick so often, but you inspired me to buy the lime! Thanks!

  6. I'm so guilty of #4 everyday I tell myself I should use a mask tonight but I rarely do.