Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Glinda/Elphaba" Makeup Look. 13th Entry to my NYC Halloween Makeup

Claudia was lucky enough to make it to the deadline. She submitted her entry at 11:58pm last night. She created a "Gilda/Elpahaba". You can tell so much thought and effort was put into this look. Gorgeous! Here's what she says about the look...

 "My makeup is a duality theme, representing Glinda and Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West Side from the Wizard of Oz..  Believe it or not, I must've been one of the few people left in the Northern Hemisphere who until very recently had never seen that movie (crazy I know!).. A close friend introduced me to Wicked a while back through youtube, and though it kind of stayed stored away in my mind for almost a year, I loved Defying Gravity and looked it up recently.  When I was flipping through a magazine for inspiration for this contest, I read about Wicked again, and it hit me; I'll do both the friends/rival witches of Oz!  So I went through youtube clips, watched the Wizard of Oz, got some paint, and came up with this look. "

NYC products used:

- NYC City Duet Eye Shadow in Bowling green  used on Elphaba's side around the eyes and over the lips]
       - NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear Retro Red 308B on lips on both sides, and as a blush for Glinda's half and a little as a blush base for Elphie.
       -NYC Instant Lash Mascara 
       - NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Big Money Frost 118 on nails in the pics where hands are visible for Elphie.

I will let everyone when the voting begins!


  1. Vey nice!

  2. Whoa...awesome look!! Glad she was able to submit it in time. :]

  3. Thanks everyone! This was a very fun contest to participate in, everyone was amazing :) <3

    - Claudia H ;)