Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My New Makeup Remover: Olive Oil

I've always known that Olive Oil is a great makeup remover as well as skin conditioner. But I never tried until a few weeks ago. It was amazing! I only used a little amount and it was able to remove the heaviest waterproof makeup on my eyes without rubbing. Too much rubbing or tugging around the eye area is really bad. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and too much rubbing will eventually cause premature wrinkles...yikes! 

All I did was take a small amount on a cotton round and pressed it on my eyes for a few seconds and gently wiped off the makeup. I repeated this step a few times until there was no trace of makeup left. I also used a clean Q-tip to remove eye liner on my lower lash line. There was excess oil on my eyes, but it was no big deal. A warm damp washcloth easily removed it.

I used lots of waterproof mascara and eye shadows.


I guess I will have to buy a bigger bottle of Olive Oil ^_^.

I'm not sure if it matters what kind of Olive Oil we can use...Extra Virgin, Virgin, Pure or Lite. If you know the answer, please type it on the comment box below. Thank you.


  1. Extra Virgin is the first cold press of the olives. It's the very first oil that comes from the olive. Then the next one is virgin. Pure can be any other pressing done. Lite name can mean just about anything from light in color to cut with another type of oil.

    For cooking, the extra virgin is considered the best. That's what I choose to use. However, for whisking away makeup and moisturizing the skin, I don't know if the grade matters.

  2. Wow I never new! I gotta try this out! :)

  3. I didn't know you could use olive oil!
    I wish I had heard of this earlier, I just went out and bought some make up remover haha

  4. It's probably best to use olive oil, doesn't have to be extra virgin or cold pressed or anything fancy :p It's amazing how much makeup you can remove!

  5. I love olive oil and the many great uses it has for us. I've never tried using it as an make up remover though. But after sauna at the gym, I'd normally scrub some olive oil and salt together and use that as my exfoliator and leave it on for a few mins and rinse off the usual way. My aunts korean mom taught me this and she had really had nice supple tight skin irregardless of her age. I love olive oil the more now! Thanks for sharing this, and will definitely try! - Mar

  6. Love using olive oil to remove makeup. It gets rid of the toughest.


  7. Try to find Virgin olive oil hun!It's better:)
    And also put a spoom of olive oil and sugar and scrub your hands or face,you gonna love how smooth it makes skin!!


  8. Ive heard of olive oil being good but have been too afraid to try it since I have oily skin. I hav tried grapeseed oil on my skin though.

  9. OMG seriously? I have heard people put this on their face...have you tried that? I wonder if it will work for dark circles...LOL

  10. I have never heard as olive oil being used as a makeup remover! However, I'm excited to try it! Good tip :)

  11. I've always heard about using olive oil but im always scared it will break me out...i will have to try it one of these days..wish me luck!! lol


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