Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meeting The DivaMakeupQueen

Do you know who this pretty girl is? She's Wing of DivaMakeupQueen on Youtube. Look her up! She's really awesome. She makes beautiful makeup tutorials using both drugstore and high-end makeup. She's sweet and funny, and I just love that. I swear, you won't get bored watching her videos. We've also been friends online for quite awhile now. We message, tweet and comment on each other's blogs and videos. 

I had a pleasure of meeting her in person last month. I went to go see her in a play called Tres Vidas where she played the cello with a group called Core Ensemble. She's a professional cellist. She plays that big violin and that's HOT! It's not my first time seeing her play. The first time was in Good Morning America on TV, ^_^ where she played on stage with Nicki Minaj. So cool!

I was blown away by her performance. Even the people behind me were like..Whooaa! She's amazing! And I'm not just saying that because she's my friend. She's really, really good. 

This is the makeup look she wore that night inspired by my Matte Smoky Brown eyes using Wet n Wild I Heart Matte palette. She's so sweet!

I'm so happy I got to meet her in person. She's beautiful and sweet and I just love her! You can find her on the links down below.

Youtube -DivaMakeupQueen
Like her Facebook page HERE
Twitter- DivaMakeupQueen

Here's one of Wing's video tutorial using Wet n Wild. Enjoy!


  1. Girl, you are too much! LOVE YOU BECKY!!!!!


  2. Becky I didn´t knew this girl, I'll search for her Youtube channel right now :)
    I guess you have had an amazing time together.
    you look beautiful in the pics.

    I wanna say thank you for all your sweet comments about my outfits, every time I read a comment from you I think: WOW!!! internet is great! How does this pretty girl from the other part of the world, can say all those pretty things to me??? You are so kind and nice Becky. Thankssssss!!

  3. wow that's so cool!! Awesome that you met her ^__^