Thursday, November 10, 2011

...Will Be Back on Monday.

Hey guys, just wanna let you know that I won't be able to blog, answer emails and pretty much do anything that requires internet for 2-3 days. I'm going on a weekend getaway with my Baby Cakes. I'm so excited because this is going to be our very first vacation together ^_^. Weird, I know! We never get to see each other that much at home because our work schedule is always changing, so I'm really looking forward to spending some sweet quality time with each other....asuuus!

We are also going to visit an old friend of his, who is terribly, terribly ill. It's already making me sad just thinking about it. 

Anyway, have an awesome long weekend, be safe, take advantage of the veteran's day sale and I love you! 



  1. Enjoy your weekend Becky!! I hope you don't feel too bad about your ill friend :(
    Kisses, I'll miss you.

  2. I'll miss you and your daily posts ;)
    Have fun sweetie! You deserve a nice break :D

  3. Well.... What about your weekend Becky? Was it too hard to handle?
    Kisses honey.