Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winners of ny New York Color Halloween Look Contest

I was going to announce the winners yesterday on Halloween, but I was having trouble with my internet. It was way too slow, and it took hours for everything to load O_o. But now it's working fine again, and I can finally tell you guys who won the contest whoo hoo!!!

Oh and by the way, this contest became a bit intense especially during the voting days lol. People were really vocal on who should win. But honestly, everyone did an amazing job. It's not easy to create a look and put yourself out there you know? Even New York Colors was very happy with all the entries saying how they all look amazing, and it's great to see a variety of different looks.

Ok I'll shut up now...

The winners are..
*drum roll*

1st place
 "Vintriloquist Dummy" with 296 votes

2nd place  
"Psycho Ghoul" with 189 votes

3rd place 
"Glinda/Elphaba" which was chosen randomly. 

Congratulations to all the winners. Please check your email. I sent a request for your mailing address.

Thank you so much for all the girls who participated. Again, you are all amazing! I love you all!



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  2. Thank you to all who voted for me & helped get me 1st place!!! This was a super intense, but super fun contest! -Paula, Ventriloquist Dummy


  3. Yay this is great news! And congratulations to the Ventriliquist Dummy and Psycho Ghoul girls, and everyone else who entered! The looks were all wonderful! : D

    <3 Claudia H (Glinda/Elphie) :)