Saturday, December 3, 2011

DivaMakeupQueen in Action...Makeup and Cello

If you remember, a month ago, I did a post on my meet and greet with Wing Law or Wendy, also known as "DivaMakeupQueen" on youtube. She's a makeup junkie as well as a professional cellist. I saw her play live on stage along with other talented musicians. I was so blown away with her performance. I could see the passion in her music. Amazing!

The other day, she posted a "Backstage Pass-Makeup, Dress and Music" video showing her makeup and outfit for her show in Hong Kong. I gotta tell you, Wing is legit and famous. She has flyers and posters of her face. I want one, Wing! I was all smiles when she played the cello at the end of the video. It was such a treat to watch her play again. I'm so glad she decided to share this with the world. It's about time everyone finds out her other talent.

Enjoy her video!

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  1. Awe, I love Wing. Her videos are always fun and she's a bit sassy. Had no clue she played the Cello and wow she is amazing.