Friday, December 23, 2011

L.A. Fashion District Haul

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, then you should know that I'm a big bargain shopper. And one of my favorite places to shop is the L.A. Fashion District. I find the cutest clothes, shoes and all kinds of random stuff for dirt cheap. I just love it.

Click HERE to see more of my L.A. bargain haul.

Whenever I shop at Downtown L.A, I always avoid the famous Santee Alley. It's considered a tourist destination, so it's always crowded and the prices are way too much for what they should be. Also, a lot of vendors rip people off like crazy, especially if you're from out of town. Instead, I go to the stores nearby the alley. I pretty much can get the same things you can find at the Alley, but cheaper ^_^.

So, I went last week and I got all these things for under $70!

The first store I went to is a store on 8th and Los Angeles street. It doesn't even have a name. But inside is a huge, I mean huuuge space with nothing but open boxes with random things inside. They had all kinds of random things from men and women's clothing, shoes, bags, baby stuff, kitchen items and etc...

It's a bit messy, but everything is brand new with tags. I had to dig inside the boxes to find the good stuff. It's quite fun, and I get this rush whenever I find something really cool!

...just like these $5 bags  that I fell in love with. I found them in a big box filled with all kinds of cute bags piled on top of each other. They're still wrap in plastic, so they were all clean. 

I love the color. I don't have anything like it.

I was screaming inside with excitement when I found this awesome vintage looking bag. It looks like something my mom used back in her college days. I love the dark maroon and navy blue color.

I can detach the straps and it becomes a clutch..OMG!

Then, I found this huge box of false lashes for 50cents each. Another OMG! The brand is Creme, and it's comparable to Red Cherry lashes. Great quality lashes made from 100% human hair. I remember seeing these at Imats last year for $1. Heck, 50 cents is even better. 

I went to this shoe store (Sorry, I'm trying to find my receipt. I wrote the address on it O_o), and all their shoes were on sale for 2 for $20 and kids shoes for 2 for $10. There were a lot of cute shoes, but they don't carry my size. They only have 5 1/2 and up, so it was a bit depressing! But I did manage to find some shoes that fits!

These super awesome faux suade purple platform pumps were 5 1/2 and it fits like a glove! It's not the most comfortable in the world, but it's the cutest! I love purple!

$10 wedge sandals

This size 3, kid's gladiator sandals are only $5! Hey, it fits me!

I got these shirts for $2 each. They're so cute!

3 pairs of socks in a bundle for $1!

And, the last thing I got were rain boots $17. It's a size 5 1/2 and they fit comfortably. I like the buckle thing on the side. It makes it looks like regular boots!

That's it for my haul. I only spent under $70 for everything. I'm so happy! If you guys have any questions about the L.A. Fashion District, just shoot me down a comment below ^_^. 


  1. Oh my gosh what a steal, you got so many cute things :)

  2. i want to go there SO BAD, i first heard about la fashion district from DulceCandy youtube channel, and have wanted to go ever since! you found some GREAT deals, i feel like i would be tempted to buy that whole box of lashes lmao. I'm live in Texas and have never been out of this state, but if i ever go to cali i'm going to LAFD asap!

  3. Oh Wow!!!... that is such a cool haul and great deals... i would so go crazy over those bags & lashes. I am a fanatic for vintage purses. Amazing haul.

  4. So that's how girls in L.A stay fashionable.

    Nice bags. Love them.

  5. THEM BAGS. I like. Reminds me that I need more beige/brown stuff in my wardrobe lol.

  6. Goodness you seriously scored! The purple pumps are to die for! I love the bags you got too- great deals!

  7. Ahhhh~ I must follow your ways of shopping in the DTLA fashion district! I've been once to Santee Alley and it was nuts! Next time, I'll definitely check out the nearby stores. THOSE BAGS for only $5??? What a steal!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, Becky!

  8. Okay seriously you always find all of the most awesome things. Maybe one day I'll have to take my sister with me and we're going to have to go hunting for some goods. I can't believe how cheap everything was. I especially like those $10 wedges!!


  9. WOW what a great bargain haul!!! loving those bags for $5...amazinnnggggggggggggggggg!!!


  10. Awesome haul luv!!! I love the bags you got!

    Happy Holidays!


  11. Awesome haul! I love the handbag! Great prices too:)

  12. Were you able to find the address for the store with all the shoes? :D

  13. This post makes me miss living in LA so much! trips to the Fashion District used to happen monthly.. I think that's the thing I miss the most lol

  14. i have been going through your haul posts..seriously..they are simply driving me crazy.. :P :D that polka dotted top is super-cute! also loved the shoes.. :))

  15. Hi! Just came across the video of this haul on Youtube I really like your finds! Did you ever find the address of the shoe store? I will be going to L.A. next week & would love to visit that store.