Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Glam Bag #1 + Makeup Tutorial

Yay, My Glam Bag is here! If you don't know what MyGlam is, it's a monthly subscription service where you get 4-5 beauty product samples sent to you for a low price of $10. You take a short makeup/beauty quiz online and based on the results, their makeup stylist will help you find your makeup style. It's really easy to do!

I'm so excited to show you all the things inside. This is their debut bag, and they really went all out. Included are 3 full size products and 2 samples, plus coupons..OMG to the fact that I only paid $10!

It came in a metallic pink bubble wrap package. Isn't it cute?

MyGlam bag. It's a little makeup bag or mini clutch with a mirror attached to it. It's so cute. I love the pattern and color purple. It also has a shiny metallic finish. I hope they have a different pattern every month. It'll be cool to collect different bags.

The founder, Michelle Phan.

Full size Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin. Yes, it's full size. If you go to Sephora you will pay $17 for one of these. Crazy! I already have this shade in one of my Urban Decay palettes, so I might give this one away...or not!

 A mini sample of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The best eyesahdow primer ever...Nuff said!

A sample of Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara. I've heard so many great things about this mascara and I'm so happy I get to try it. It lengthens my lashes pretty good.
Photo taken from Funky Makeup Junkie blog 
Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of it.

Full size NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo. It's one of their newest products. Some girls received a red one, which I was hoping to get, but Tokyo is still pretty. It's a pale pink color. It reminds me of NYX Round lipstick in Strawberry Milk, but a tad darker.

 Full size Mai Couture Lavander Fresh Oil Blotting paper. This is probably the fanciest blotting paper I've ever used because of the metallic gold cover lol. It does a great job in absorbing the oil on my face.

A sample of Mai Couture Blush Paper in Sunset Blvd. Now this is something I've never seen before. It's a blush in a paper form. What an interesting concept huh? I'll talk about it more in another post.

I created a makeup look using all the products in My Glam bag and you can watch it here.

Products used:

-MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC42
-Almay Eyebase concealer in Medium
-MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep

-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
-Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
-Wet n Wild Color Icon I Heart Matte palette (brown and black eyeshadow)
-NYC New York Color liquid liner 
-Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara

-Mai Couture Blush in a Paper in Sunset Blvd

-Wet n Wild Color Icon lip liner in Willow
-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

I hope you find this post helpful in deciding whether to sign up for or not. I say try it for one month and see how you like it.


  1. I miss this awesome opportunity :)
    I like the deals from Birchbox, but this it's more exciting and great products more than birch but My Glam have limited bags u.u but anyways, I wanted this one....

    U're so lucky Rebekkah

  2. I tried to sign up and thy were sold out =(

  3. Wow, the matte lip cream is REALLY matte! I want to try this box!

  4. Love the silvery eye shadow.

    I think the gold makeup bag is fabulous. ANd I really want to try the Tarte mascara. THe brush looks like it can really make lashes longer.

  5. Been seeing this around lately! I hope it becomes available in my country too! :D

    The blush paper is really interesting :)

  6. i want this but i dont have a job!!!! boo!! hahaha

  7. This is a lovely set - and you look so beautiful and glam!

  8. That blush paper is SOOO DAMNNNNNN COOOOOOOOOL!!

  9. I seriously can not wait to join this! Thanks for sharing, you got all these cool products!

  10. Aww man! I was really interested in subscribing too until I read 'Currently, the Glam Bag is available only in the United States, its territories and APO boxes.' BOOOoooooo...!! =(

  11. Okay, you and AndreasChoice make me want to sign up!

  12. I wish this was available in Canada. Can't wait to hear more about the blush paper.. it seems like such an interesting concept

  13. ooo nice goodies! I LOVE Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow. It is a great everyday color when you are going towards the more neutral route. :)

  14. Great goodies!! Loving the makeup look very pretty!

  15. MyGlam is the first makeup subscription service I've actually considered signing up for since it is the work of Michelle Phan. Definitely wish I had signed up to get this month's.

  16. I just signed up! Excited about next month's bag!

  17. I just signed up for this and can't wait to try it out :)

  18. I"m tempted to get a MyGlam subscription but I'm still holding out on myself for no reason. lol I love the blush on a sheet samples - that is interesting. Also, I know I'm probably the only one but I don't really care for the NYX lip creme. It is a nice color inside the tube but it looks pale. Love the look you did with your eyes though. I hope me saying I don't like the lip creme doesn't bother you.

  19. Do you have to make videos on the products that you recieve? I was thinking of joining myglam & cancelling Birchbox because Birchbox has been crappy lately.

  20. omg, that seriously seems too good to be true!
    Dang, I can't believe that you got all of that for only $10 !! What a freakin steal!


  21. i love it all but i'm dying to know what your nail color is on your left hand!

  22. hello lovely!!! ee i love your blog and i was wondering if you could possibly have a little look at mine iv just posted a 'post' and id really like some feed back on it!!! thankyou xxxxx