Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NYC New York Color Self-Adhesive Glamour Eyelashes

Girl, sometimes you just have to fake it. I do it all the time...with false lashes! I was born with thin and short lashes, so I always turn to false lashes whenever I need an extra umph with my makeup look. I mean, I can just curl my lashes and pile on layers and layers of mascara, but it won't give the same effect as false lashes. It adds more interest and drama to your look.

I've tried plenty of false lashes from different brands, but my favorite at the moment is the NYC New York Color Self-Adhesive Glamour Eyelashes in Black 974A.

NYC says: (taken from

Fashionistas know that for some occasions only all-out glamour will do. NYC New York Color Eyelashes add adramatic look to your lashes instantly, without the need for messy glue. So whether it's a fabulous cocktail party or just time to turn up the heat on an old flame, with one flutter of these super-flirty lashes they'll be all yours for a bargainista price!

The hairs are quite long with short hairs in between and it gets even longer on the outer corner. It really gives the dramatic and flirty effect that I like.

My thoughts:
Okay, forget about about the "self-adhesive" claim. The band is tacky, but not tacky enough to actually stick on the lash line. Use a really good lash glue and you're set! But don't be mad because they are still awesome. They are very easy to apply and doesn't feel heavy on the eyes even though it's synthetic. I actually prefer synthetic lashes because it is easier to maintain and last longer than human hair lashes. I've used it about 4 times, and it's still in great condition as long as I clean it well. Also, keep in mind that this pair is "glamour" lashes, which means unnatural. So, I don't recommend them for day time use. Save them for your sexy smoky eyes!

I'm happy with these lashes, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to fake it like me. It will add instant drama to your look. Again, you still have to use lash glue and trim them to fit your eyes just like any other false lashes.

price: $1.99 (so affordable!)
availability: drugstores

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  1. Affordable it is!!!!!!! $1.99 only? They look so nice and add the right kind of intensity to your already gorgeous eyes!

  2. Love the way these lashes look on you!!! What glue do you use? I'm stuck as to which ones to try with my new lashes I got on ebay... :3

  3. I used this before and I really liked it :D!

  4. And I was thinking of eyelashes for the holidays!!Thanks hun for the review,going to check on them and some Ardell and see!!


  5. You can really pull off the falsies! Gorgeous!

  6. They look really nice!! for 1,99??? Incredible.
    I would love to try false eyelashes someday, but I'm afraid of loving them too much, and need them for everyday LOL
    Great buy Becky, your eyes look even more prettier if posible ;)

  7. They look great for being super cheap, next time I need some fake lashes I'll give this brand a try.

  8. I love those lashes they are the best !!! your rocking them like no one's business !!!

    please follow my new blog of fashion,shopping,love

  9. i'm kinda sad that they're not exactly "self-adhesive", but hey, they look great and they're affordable! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. Lovely lashes I want to try these but I suck at false lashes lol:)