Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jenna Bra and Thong Set...Adore Me

If you remember, I blogged about Adore Me, a lingerie monthly subscription service.They were kind enough to let me try one of their lingerie to review. How exciting! The set I picked is called Jenna, a gorgeous bright magenta lacy bra and thong set. Initially, I wanted a baby doll slip, but they were all sold out with my size. However, this set is sexy and gorgeous, so I'm still happy.

How it Works:
  1. You take a short quiz to help the stylist find out a little bit of your personality and style.
  2. Then their stylist will work on your showroom where they will recommend lingerie that you might like. They will send you an email once your showroom is ready.
  3. Choose from their stylist picks and checkout. 

What I like:
  • I like my lingerie showroom. Their stylist did a pretty good job in recommending lingerie that I might like. It was actually difficult for me to pick because everything looks so pretty.
  • The packaging is adorable. It came in a white box with Adore Me logo and the lingerie was nicely wrapped in pink and white tissues. This would be a perfect gift to your friends.
  • Great quality lingerie. The fabric is 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. The fabric and lace feels soft yet sturdy at the same time. With proper wash, this will last for a long time.
  • They fit perfect and comfortable. My bra size is 34A and panty size is small. The bra provides a great support and hugs by breast just right.
  • I love the color. It's a bright fushcia. The color looks exactly how it is online. 
  • There's a slight push up padding in the cups. Anything that gives my breast a little perk is great ^_^. 
  • Super fast shipping. Free Shipping and Return. It came in 3 days!
  • Great customer service. I emailed them with some questions I had and they were quick to response.
  • Their price of $39.99 is affordable to me because I don't have to buy every month! Adore Me says, You can buy ONLY when you fall in love with a piece in your showroom and need to snag it! After you place your first order with Adore Me, you are considered a member of our lingerie society. The next month, as you receive your monthly showroom, you can choose between purchasing an item or skipping this month and not buy anything."

What I don't like:
  • Popular lingerie quickly sold out with my size. I wasn't able to get my first choice, which was Natalie, a cute babydoll slip. I had to wait for the next collection to come out to pick another lingerie. 
  • The bra doesn't look exactly the same online (Look at the photo below). It has a lace on the cleavage and the hook is at the front, while mine is a full cup with lace over it and the hook is at the back. I'm not really complaining since I got the set for free and the fit is awesome. However, I could imagine being upset if I did pay for it. But they do offer free exchange, so I can return and exchange it for something else, which I'm not going to do.

Here are more photos of the set.

Even though I was sent a sort of different bra, I still see myself ordering from them in the future. They have a great selection of lingerie, the quality is great, they fit me perfectly and the shipping is super fast. I just hope they have more sizes available for my small boobies ^_^.

Have you tried Adore Me before? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Go to to read about their FAQs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing :) I'm going to check this site out.

  2. Your set is very pretty! The site seems worth a look, especially since you have more good than bad to say about the service.

  3. This set is gorgeous, I absolutely love it :)

  4. I've never tried AdoreMe before,
    but I'll be checking it out :)


  5. It is a gorgeous set. I have never heard of AdoreMe before.

    btw- I awarded you on my blog. This Brunette Speaks

  6. i like your blog!!

  7. I signed up after you talked about this the first time and I have yet to order but that set is beautiful I love the color.
    I was saying the same thing about I hope they get more options for big boobs though haha well, that and plus sized things

  8. its gorgeous and i need this service!

  9. Amazing Adore Me review. :)I love the color and lace details on this set. :) Actually, I have this on my favorites list on the AdoreMe site. Haha... The sets there are so amazing. Very well made and comfortable. To top it all off, affordable. :)

  10. thats a really cool idea. everyone loves receiving nice underwear and I think this way, it would feel like a special treat. I love the colour of this set.


  11. How cute and what an awesome idea!