Wednesday, January 4, 2012

L'Oreal 24Hr Infallibale Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue

After seeing Nouveau Cheap's post on the L'Oreal 24Hr Infallible Eyeshadow, I couldn't help my self and went right away to my local drugstore and purchased one. She raved so much about it, I wanted to get my hands on it. They didn't have much colors on display and Midnight Blue is the only one that caught my eye, so I bought it.

What also made me curious is that I heard it's comparable to Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadows. I wouldn't know since I don't own one, but if what they say is true, then I sure am happy to have a good dupe.

L'Oreal Infallible description (taken from L'Oreal website):  "Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils) coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and lasts for up to 24hrs"

"With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, infallible eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eye lid on application. The result is a luxurious, velvety texture."

What I like...
-The color. Midnight blue is a gorgeous navy with blue shimmers. It's even prettier when light hits it.
-The intensity. It's so pigmented and true to color.
-The texture. It's a creamy pigment that feels wet to the touch and dries to a metallic finish. Gaaaahhhh...It feels so smooth, silky and velvety. It's nothing I've I've ever own.
-Longevity. It stays bright and vibrant for a long time about 6 hours without creasing.
-Price. Compare to Giorgio Armani, it's definitely more affordable. I got it for $8.79

What I don't like...
-It dries too quick, making it difficult to blend. When I applied it all over the lids, for some reason I had a difficult time blending the edge to get rid of the harsh line. I had to use a dense crease brush to blend, and I still wasn't happy with how it looked. It also didn't blend very well with another color, which I was very bummed about. I'm not sure what I did wrong.

DON'T THROW AWAY the plastic cover. It presses the pigment and keeps it from drying out.

Swatched heavily on the arm without a primer

I find it a bit weird that it's more intense when applied with an eyeshadow brush. Usually, when I swatch shadows with my finger, it always comes out more vibrant beccause I'm putting more pressure. But I'm not complaining, it's just something I noticed.

Here's what it looks like on my eyes. I applied it with an eye shader brush. Like what I said, I had a difficult time blending the edge. It dried too quick.

I can't speak for colors in the line. But this is my experience with Might Night Blue, and I wasn't too happy with how it blends. I still like it though. It is after all a beautiful color. Maybe I was doing something wrong with my application. Maybe I should try my finger next time. I'll give it another try and I'll update you.

Do you own the new L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love these shadows! I've got Flashback Silver, Burning Black, and Permanent Khaki.

  2. i use a great trick for a better color and staying power of the eyeshadow. instead of using shadow sealer or stuff like that i use my long wear liquid foundation on my eyelids then apply the shadow. i swear it works wonders!

  3. Hmm... This is a consideration...if I find it, that is. Hehe... The Midnight Blue shade you chose is gorgeous. It kinda reminds me of MAC's Blue Flame mineralized e/s from the Style Black Collection. Of course, Midnight Blue looks WAY more intense though.

    Although you mentioned it was quite hard to blend out the edges, your eye makeup still turned out beautiful. Love how you paired up the blue with a copper liner. :)

  4. i've never seen these out at the store....i'd be curious to try them but i hate a product that i have to fight with

  5. That color is gorgeous. I still haven't seen these around my area but hopefully they'll pop up soon.

  6. Pretty color, it's definitely a statement color for the eyes I'd love to try. Great item, and thanks for sharing this lovely color dear!

  7. That's such a pretty colour! Reminds me of Deep Truth by MAC :D

  8. yes becky i diy the shoes! you can see the progress in my previous post you can also se my other diy shoes :D

  9. Wow that's a pretty blue shadow, I didn't expect that intensity... saw these and was underestimating the pigmentation.

  10. Wooowww...I love this color! Interesting blog dear! Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog :)

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  11. The color is amazing! i hope you find the right way to use it because it´s a beautiful color and it fits you.
    kisses Becky.

  12. That color is awesome!!! I love the casing also! Looks great on you not sure how it would look on my skintone though lol


  13. The color is beautiful! You did a lovely job using it I love the gold liner you used so pretty:)
    I saw them at cvs, but didnt pick one. I'm sure I will at least try one out cause it looks very pretty..Hope it works better for you next time:) Cause I know what you mean when an eye shadow does't want blend will lol

  14. I own Emerald Lame (a gorgeous green!) and Bronze Goddess (a unique brzone). They're lovely, and very easy to blend. A pity Midnight Blue didn't work that well for you. It isn't available in Singapore either, by the way.

    Here's my post!

  15. I saw "Midnight Blue" at Target during the time of Christmas shopping and REALLY wanted to get it for myself...but I refrained. I do have "Burning Black" which was sent to me by my UK friend and I find it hard to blend as well. >< Maybe it was the type of brush I was using...but I was getting a very sheer color payoff. =/ The color range in this collection is so pretty though~

  16. This is such a pretty color! I love blues!!

  17. i agree...its very hard to blend. but its a beautiful color! i need to use mine more.

  18. I love these shadows! I ended up buying them all. :D