Friday, January 6, 2012

New Haircut and an Epic Lunch

I started my 2012 with a haircut, and it feels good. My head feels lighter lol. It's been 8 months since I got a hair cut. I know, I'm so bad. I've been putting it off and next thing I knew, my hair grew down to my waist. It's pretty, but it's more difficult to maintain. The ends were getting dry, and I was noticing more and more split ends...ew!

Got my hair cut at Fantastic Sams. It's my first time, and I like them. I asked to have the length shortened and add some layers. You can't really tell in photo because Ironed my hair, but it's there. The lady who did my hair cut actually encouraged me to do something different, like something bold. I appreciate it, but I'm not ready for that just yet haha. 


Just want to share some photos from today. I met up with 2 of my very good friends, Grace and Mon for  an epic lunch at L.A. Grand Central Market. Gosh, I love this place. I was just here last week HA! I had to go back for those Garlic and Cheese Pupusas and orgasmic Cream Puffs.

This is the only Pupuseria at Grand Central Market and boy, they make the best pupusas I've ever tried. They make it fresh right in front of you and they don't skimp on the filling. We always get the Garlic and Cheese Pupusa. They put raw garlic in it. OMG!

Have been craving a really good Shrimp Fried Rice and Orange Chicken and these definitely hit the spot!

Plantains with El Salvadorian Sour Cream and Sugar. Delicious!

Orgasmic Cream Puffs. They're gonna make you go wild, I swear!

We probably consumed more than a whole day's calories, but who cares! Screw diets and being healthy! It's all about good food and good times! Just kidding, I had drink hot green tea when I got home to melt all the fat and ran 3 miles to burn it off haha...

Then, we stopped by The Last Bookstore, walking distance from the market. A chill place to read books ;)

I hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. oh the foood... >.<
    that mannequin looks so interesting!!
    and you look great ^^ I think my hair is at your current length, and I want it to be as long as your old length hahah

  2. Your hair was super long. I had no idea. The cut is adorable. I need a cut too, but am afraid to take the plunge.

  3. Oh those cream puffs remind me of Happy Cream Puffs (the one we have here in the Philippines). I have to get some now! :p

  4. Lordy the food looks mighty delicious!!

    I loved your hair before because it was so long but it looks much sleeker now :) Very nice!

  5. I too just got my hair trimmed and layered at the front. I hated it. 8 months of growing my side bangs just GONE. I specifically noted that I didn't want the layers to be too dramatic. I don't know if I can trust hairdressers anymore XD

  6. Ooh and I think the bookstore looks so unique! I wish there was a bookstore like that over here, I would stay there for hours for sure! Thanks for sharing. :D

  7. I love your hair cut here :) u look really nice. wow seems like you are having so much fun, love the food pics!

  8. Wow you always go to neat places. I can see the difference in length of your hair and I agree it does feel good I got mine cut after Thxgiving and it was much needed.

  9. My mouth is watering, looks delish!!


  10. Yay for a cut! I actually got the back of my hair cut too! Loving it~ I think we had the same hair dilemmas. XD

    Ah, your Grand Market pictures make me want to take on some LA adventures! The food looks sooo good! How do you get there anyways?

  11. Aw why'd you chop it off? I want long hair :( I regret getting mine cut. Anyway, you still look gorg! xx

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  12. I LOVE the length and it looks so soft and healthy! You are so adorable Becky!

  13. I like so much what you do here. Great job.

  14. Love the new hair cut doll!! And the food in this post ooh oh so yummm


    P.S. Check my latest post and let me know what you think ;)

  15. I Love your hair!! Looks so good!

    xo Jenn

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