Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shit Girls Say

Have you seen the Shit Girls Say videos that's going viral on youtube? There's really no point to it. It just shows what girls say and do on an everyday basis. And it cracks me up every time I watch it because it reminds me of myself and all the weird things I say. I also have to give credit to the actor. He does an amazing job acting like a girl haha...

Watch the video to see if you say these things too...

Here are some things that was said in the video that I say all the time.

1. Did I lock the door? Yes!
2. I kind'a want a hotdog. (I say it all the time when I'm hungry!)
3. Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen
4. I'm kind'a like ughh
5. What's my password?
6. Does this taste funny to you?
7. Try some.
8. So good right?
9. Can you open this for me?
10. I can't believe I ate all that.
11. Are you near a computer?
12. Is that a Mojito? *screaming*

And check out my girl April of AprilAthena7 on youtube. She did a video about Shit Beauty Gurus Say. It's way too funny. You have to watch it!


  1. Oh these videos...XD I didn't see the last one til now~ ahaha. She's pretty spot on.

  2. girl, have you seen the Shit Asian girls say? it made me crack up. Ive seen quite a few of these types of videos lol

    1. Yeah I've seen all kinds of versions lol. But my fav is the original. It's so me!

  3. lol the videos are funny! i watchedd the third one too!

  4. Hahahah so funny!!

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  5. ahhhaa soo hilarious!!!