Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Cheap Fashion Haul

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, then you should know that I love shopping at the L.A. Fashion District, especially at San Pedro Wholesale Mart. They have insane, super affordable and cute clothes!!! Click HERE to see what San Pedro Wholesale Mart looks like. It's only open to public on Saturdays as early as 7am to 11am. And believe it or not, people do wake up that early on a Saturday just to get a good bargain. The place is always packed.

I went on Saturday with my friend Lian and she could not believe such place existed lol. She bought a bunch of stuff for so little money!

Here's what I got...Notice that my style is pretty random. I pretty much like anything that looks cute!

Tan colored faux leather booties by Moda $10. It looks like something Estefania of LoveLifeFashionBlog would wear so I bought them.

Forever21 button up plaid shirt $5. I love anything plaid. They never go out of style!

 D'Closet African print top $5 right? I love the pattern and color. 

The Clothing Company lace and crazy print top $5. I don't even know how to describe it, but I love it! 

Sweet Color chiffon top $5. It's such a fun and flirty top.

Route laced tank top $3

La Festa spaghetti strap bohemian dress $5. I love the lace and random patterns.

Route floral halter top dress $5. This will be so cute for Spring!

Cefian USA summer dress $5. So bright and pretty!

Sugar Lips military style denim jacket $3. I was kind'a shocked when I heard the price. I was expecting $10.

Route cheetah print mini skirt $3. Kiko said it looks tacky, but what does he know, right? lol.

Topaz pencil skirt with pockets $3.

Military green ivy cap $2. Yes, only 2 freakin' bucks!

I also purchased some super cute Hello Kitty earrings for $1 each. They are so irresistible!

Fashion Jewelry necklace with Peace sign pendant $1

Please don't judge me for for buying these kiddie looking Hello Kitty headbands. They were only $1 each. I'm not sure how I would wear them lol.

Gaaahhh how can you say no to her!?

That's about it! I only spent a little less than $70 for everything. How sweeeet is that! Also, for those who are wondering, everything is brand spankin' new and not damaged at all ^_^.

If you want to see more of my San Pedro Wholesale Mart haul, click HERE.


  1. I love that plaid shirt. I'm a total casual girl so anything plaid looks good to me.

  2. I loveeee the plaid shirt! My bf hates me wearing plaid shirt cause apparently I look like a farmer :P

  3. Damn love every single thing you got, and WOW cheap!!! <3

  4. Damn! Everything looks great! Sadly, you can't find such great deals in Singapore! Any one or two my favorite pieces have cost me at least $50 here! :( I love the skirts and plaid skirt...the colors on the floral dress are really appealing to me too. Hope you have fun wearing everything! :)

  5. I think I love everything. Especially the military jacket. I love military anything. :) Great haul and so inexpensive!!

  6. I love everything! Esp the hello kitty stuff. xx

  7. The things you got were amazing I love fashion hauls. Wow I really like all the dresses and need to hit up that place when im in LA next time.

  8. All is sooo cute! I love the HELLO KITTY earrings!! ♥
    And the shoes are so pretty

  9. AHH Becky! I shop there every 6 months or so! They have such great deals. I love shopping around for their 3 for $10 deals haha. I also love buying their sample dresses just because I know not many people will have the same dress as I do. :P The lace tank you picked up is adorable! :D

  10. these are great buys specially the booties! :)


  11. Amazing! You always manage to find the cutest stuff :]

  12. wow! that is an amazing place you have in there! so many great stuff for so little :) I love those dresses! :)

    Follow this link to "collect" award - from me to you...


  13. $10 for those booties? And OMG that leopard print skirt! Amazing deals!

  14. Becky!! You are the queen of the bargains!!!! I loved the booties :$(thanks for the mention honey)
    The cheetah mini skirt is simply lovely and perfect, Kiko don't know anything about chetaah mini skirts hahahahaha
    I loved the dresses, the plaid shirt.... everything!!!!
    Know you just need to enjoy those clothes and show them to us in your outfits :)
    Kisses Becky, thanks again for your sweet and kind words to me :)

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  16. Could this haul be anymore awesome? I especially love the hello kitty earrings :)

  17. Love the pink top and Hello Kitty earrings! Great finds!! :) xx

  18. These all stuffs are so awesome regarding women's fashion and i am really glad to see these apparels.