Saturday, January 14, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award from Dreafashionista

I was awarded the Versatile Blogger by my new friend Andrea of dreafashionista blog. She's so cute and pretty. Thank you, Andrea!

  • Must thank the person who send it to you
  • Must give this award to other bloggers
  • Share 7 facts about yourself

 7 random facts about myself

  1. My birthday is coming up next month, but I'm not telling you when haha. I'm not too excited about turning a year older haha...
  2. Filipino style spaghetti is my ultimate favorite food in the world. It's very sweet and peppery.
  3. My new comfort food is cheese and garlic pupusa at the L.A. Grand Central Market. I swear they must put something else in it because I'm hooked.
  4. I love to hold potlucks. I love getting my friends together to eat!
  5. I have an 8 yr old Chihuahua and she's so pretty!
  6. I love to cook and I'm getting better and better at it ^_^.
  7. I prefer vanilla over chocolate. Is that weird?

I'm giving this award to...


  1. Congrats on the award! :D And thank you for passing it on to me~ I will do it soon. ^^

    Happy EARLY Birthday to you! Ah! I love Filipino spaghetti. My best friend used to make it all the time back when we were living at school. SO GOOD. Banana ketchup ftw!

    Ah~ I still gotta take a trip to the L.A. Grand Central Market!

    Heh...I prefer vanilla over chocolate too (most of the time).

  2. Awww. Thanks for the award babe. I have never tried Philipino spaghetti, but it sounds delicious...and I'm curious.

  3. Congrats! I prefer vanilla over chocolate as well, so totally not weird ;-)

  4. aww my bday is coming up too remember hehe !!!!