Monday, January 23, 2012

Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balms...Cheery, Raspberry, Watermelon and Strawberry

Before anything else, thank you to those who commented on my Wet n Wild 2012 Collection post. It's nice to know everyone is just as excited as I am with the collection. With that said, here is a review of Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balms. These new and improved lip balms came out around July of 2011 and they are here to stay. 

Wet n Wild says:  (taken from Wet n Wild Press Release)
Good enough to eat! These delectably juicy lip balms keep lips moisturized all day, while protecting that pout from harmful UVB rays with SPF 15. The four mouthwatering flavors are enriched with avocado oil, vitamin E and natural marine extract for continuous moisture.

What I like:
  • The delicious fruity scent. I can't get enough of them. My favorite is Watermelon!
  • They are tinted. It's a nice surprise to see a hint of color it gives the lips. I have very pigmented lips and can still see a hint of color (except for the watermelon).
  • SPF 15. Anything with sunscreen is always good!
  • The smooth and silky texture. 
  •  You get a lot of product. 
  • Affordable, only $2.99!

What I don't like:
  • They are moisturizing on my lips, but not as long as I want them to be. I find myself having to re-apply after 2 hours. 
  • The packaging. It's fun and colorful, but the product doesn't twist all the way down. You have to be very careful when you open or close the cap, so you won't nick the product.

Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon and Strawberry

Swatches on my arm without flash

Swatches on my arm with flash.

These are fun, everyday lip balms. I love the fruity scent and the fun color. However, if you're in need of intense moisture, I suggest using a more medicated lip balm instead. 

price: $2.99
availability: CVS Pharmacy 

Have you tried these Juicy Lip Balms? I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for the review!! :D I never really paid attention to these before~ Cherry and Raspberry seem to be nicely pigmented too!

  2. I haven't tried these. I would love to pick up Cherry because of its tint and Watermelon because I've been obsessed with watermelon chapsticks since middle school. :P

  3. they look so cute.. esp the red and pink ones looks nice too because they are tinted

  4. Sadly, I have the Strawberry one because I love strawberry balms, but this dried my lips out! I don't know if it's a reaction or what; I swiped this on and within 15 minutes my lips were peeling so badly it hurt me to smile. ): I wish this worked out for me, since I love WnW.

  5. Despite a couple of Con's, I think these look adorable and for such a good price? Might be worth to try.
    THanks for the awesome review!

  6. they do look super cute and kiddie, those kinds that I was lemming for when I was younger, too bad the pigmentation is not that great but thanks for the reviews :D

  7. These look delicious. Thanks for the post.

  8. This is interesting and delicious looking :D :D :D Haven't tried yet!

  9. I saw these today but I was waiting on a review from them & you finally did one, so thanks for that :) Maybe I'll try a few since they're so affordable.

  10. Thanks for the review. I was debating on picking one up, but eh...I think I will stick to my usual lip balms.

  11. They look really nice and I like the packaging. It's so fresh and colorful. Unfortunately I think they are not available here in Germany. But I will sure check the Wet'n Wild section next time I am at the drugstore.

  12. Love your review :) I have Strawberry and I really like it :)

  13. Cute packaging! Thanks for the review hun :)

  14. i am loving WnW's revamp of their products, especially their eyeshadows. I'm now a huge fan.

    AS far as these lip balms, I think the packaging is a bit kiddish. something kids 13 & under would be aesthetically attracted to, instead of adults. Not necessarily the tube that it comes in, but I think it's mainly the fruit design and the swirly lines in the back that would deter me from having it in my bag.

  15. oh i haven't seen tehse yet! when i do i will def pick them up

  16. I love these WnW Lip Balms! I've been using Raspberry for yearsss :)

  17. These look good enough to eat! what fun lipbalms :)

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